Freedom Flotilla: Lake Eyre to West Papua Press Release 09.04.2013

Uncle Kevin (Kev) Buzzacott, a Peacemaker from Arabunna Nation at Lake Eyre in South Australia and Jacob Rumbiak (exiled Foreign Affairs Minister from the Federated Republic of Occupied West Papua) have announced a new action of creative resistance against the apartheid of colonisation and destruction caused by multinational mining companies on Indigenous land in Australia and West Papua.

The Lake Eyre to West Papua Freedom Flotilla is a journey that hopes to reunite the history and peoples of a land that was once geographically and culturally connected.

Australian government approves nuclear irradiation of tomatoes

The irradiation of tomatoes & capsicums (bell peppers) has been approved by Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) today.

Now, A1069 (the application for the irradiation of tomatoes and capsicums) only requires rubber-stamping from the Ministerial Council. Each state has at least one STATE MP on the Council. Let your local member know that you say NO!!!

Climate Space: Rethinking strategies to fight for our future

Open call to join the Climate Space at the World Social Forum in Tunisia, March 26-30, 2013

The 2013 World Social Forum will be held this March 26-30 in Tunisia, where only two years ago, a revolution began and resulted into a historic change that created a ripple effect on the region. Now, Tunisia is an inspiration to movements both old and new, across the globe.

Dangerous myths of Fukushima

It isn't over. Danger to women, children, wildlife.

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Citizens Lobby with Life on the Brink

Kiss your old climate good-bye. That's the word from scientists and measuring agencies on all fronts.

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John Vidal of the Guardian was among the first to report that measurements of CO2 in the atmosphere at Hawaii's Mauna Loa observatory hit an all-time new high in February 2013 at 396.8 parts per million.

The IPA and a strong left voice

The Institute of Public Affairs (IPA) is a body formed to push a right wing agenda. let us say that their agenda is very right wing. The believe in the smallest of government, individual liberty, private wealth, low taxation, and the market economy, unencumbered by government regulation.

I write about this group because I see a chasm between who is being represented int he main stream media. The IPA floods the media with opinion pieces which oft are printed. There is no balance of contributions from the left.


"The Gathering" says NO to blood sports in Ireland

Recreational animal cruelty practices in Ireland, better known as “blood sports” have taken a direct hit as "The Gathering" , a major Irish international cultural initiative, rejects these practices and deletes references to them from its website…

Premier Campbell Newman opens up logging destruction in Queensland native forests

The Queensland Premier and Government have reopened logging in native forests with 2 million hectares of state forest being made initially available for environmental destruction. This will impact on habitat for endangered species, biodiversity and the huge carbon stores locked up in mature forests. Mature forests also tend to hold more moisture and are less susceptible to bushfire, and absorb more water during floods - providing a natural flood mitigation service, a natural service that is all the more needed with the increase in rainfall and extreme whether events with climate change. See Leaked Document (PDF).


PHILIPPINES: Semirara mining disaster - A wake-up call on government to change course

A change in mining policy and use of coal in power generation must be taken into consideration when government agencies conduct their investigations on the mining disaster that took place off Semirara island in the province of Antique, the labor group Partido ng Manggagawa (PM - Labor Party) said in a statement.