October 2013 Honduras military coup update


October 2013 Honduras military coup update

Now that we are reaching the end of Lobo's coup regime, its election time again in November 2013. In these four years the elite have constantly held onto hegemony and whitewashed the coup using language of 'peace, tranquility, and reconcilitation'. The election is equally their game, and their rules, their chance to further consolidate, and has a demobilising effect to their favour.

WGAR News: Challenge to Native Title on Their Country - Mirning Say - You Must Listen: SBS Aboriginal

Newsletter date: 2 November 2013


* The Stringer: Bunna Lawrie will not give up on whale dreaming Country
* Gerry Georgatos, The Stringer: Mirning Country - the whale people - at risk from Native Title
* Michelle Lovegrove, SBS Aboriginal: Challenge to Native Title on Their Country - Mirning Say - You Must Listen
* Michelle Lovegrove, SBS Aboriginal: Far West Coast Native Title Claim Pushing Ahead Despite Unrest
* NIRS: Nullabor native title dispute
* Background to Mabo and Native Title

* Emma Murphy, Green Left: Indigenous people most affected by climate change

I Have A Confession to Make

Emerging threats analyst and author Robert Marston Fanney on new frontiers of climate change. We talk about coming threats and heat events - dead-on for what is happening right now in Australia. Plus Dr. Alex Rogers of Oxford: State of the Oceans 2013.

Yes, we are in trouble. Last week we peered into the impending crash of the economy. It may dance on for a while using funny money from the Federal Reserve and other central banks. But fall it will.

Fairfield Bike Shorts: Australian community-made films which get locals thinking about cycling

Fairfield Bike Shorts is an innovative, independent Australian film making project promoting cycling and bicycle infrastructure in the Fairfield City Council area through storytelling and film. The films produced will premiere on Saturday 12 October at the Powerhouse Youth Theatre, Fairfield NSW in a free, family-friendly event. This project is run through the Western Sydney Cycling Network and supported by the Fairfield City Council, the Powerhouse Youth Theatre, and The Spokes People. Fairfield Bike Shorts


Tony Abbott's plan to silence NGO’s

Just a few days in and the Abbott government has announced plans to make green boycotts illegal.

Parliamentary secretary for agriculture Richard Colbeck says he wants to “prevent green groups from holding companies to ransom”

This means environmental groups and community organisations will be gagged if they ask consumers to boycott unethical companies.

Less than a week in Government and Abbott is already showing his true colours – Free speech is under attack.

See the response from The Wilderness Society below.


Extreme Rain & Climate Collapse

After a quick update on Fukushima reactor site hit by typhoon, we open with one of the big stories of 2013, the unbelievable tropical-style rains that flooded Boulder Colorado and points north. More than a foot of rain in 24 hours in some places, in an area that doesn't get that much in the average year.

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More repression. August 2013 Honduras coup update

COUP SUMMARY August 2013 – the struggles in Honduras continue despite the massive-as-always repression


A summary of political murders in August 2013:

From the indigenous Tolupan community, Montaña de la Flor, that holds an occupation against a mining company in defence of the forests, hitmen assassinated Maria Enriqueta Matute, Armando Funez Medina and Ricardo Soto Funez, on 25/8/13.

In Bajo Aguan, organised MUCA farmer Melvin Amaya was kidnapped and assassinated by hitmen on 6/8/13.

Water is becoming scarcer for the people of Mauritius island

The water supply of the island nation of Mauritius is becoming scarcer as its water authority and meteorological officials warn that recent weather patterns coupled with rising water usage are a constant threat.

Mauritian water resource officials and meteorological scientists say that the water demand situation is becoming gradually more challenging with declining rainfalls recorded from May this year to present being a worrying sign.

Three species of snake exterminated from New Guinea!

In a period when scientists are discovering new species in New Guinea at a staggering rate, it has come as a shock this week to see that two “species” of large python from New Guinea have been completely exterminated.

The blame for the wipe-out is accepted by just one man. His name is Raymond Hoser.

Known generally as “Australia’s Snakeman”, Hoser noted that he didn’t actually kill any snakes to wipe out the species, nor did he destroy any habitat.

July 2013 – Honduras coup update – intensified political persecution, especially against communities opposing dams, mines and like businesses



Summary of political killings in July 2013:

Tomás Garcia of Copinh, participant of highway blockade against Agua Zarca dam, having had death threats, was assassinated by gunfire shots of the Honduran army, on 15/7.

Brother of MUCA farmer activist, Abel Israel Hernandez (26) was found killed, on 17/7.