Whitehaven coal mine offsets not compatible and in breach of mine approval conditions

The Whitehaven coal mine at Maule's Creek near Boggabri in north Western NSW involves the destruction of a substantial part of the ecologically distinct Leard Forest. One of the requirements for approval was the provision of environmental offsets to balance 'like for like' against the destruction of high biodiversity habitat. But the latest environmental report by Dr John Hunter advises the offsets for critically endangered ecological communities are "vastly overstated".


Extreme Weather Is Climate Disruption

In addition to UK floods, I cover current heat waves in Australia, California, Brazil/Argentina, Alaska and Siberia. Did you know that increased rooftop solar in southern Australia in 2014 saved the electric system from blackouts experienced in the heat of 2009?

Normally on Radio Ecoshock, my expert guests do the talking, while I listen and learn along with you. But this week there are major developments here on Earth that are not coming through to you clearly, or not reported at all.


Honduras coup summary of January 2014


Honduras coup summary of January 2014

News relating to persecution

An assassination, capture, and threats against indigenous defenders

FoE: Military pollution an additional insult to human rights in the “Pacific Solution”

The leaking of an environmental report into the Manus Island detention centre (The Guardian 4 Feb, 2014) reveals additional risk to the health and well being of people seeking asylum. Military bases leave a legacy of water and land pollution that can poison inhabitants for decades.

ethiopia youth live with poverity and migraion.

Over half of Ethiopia’s population consists of young people between the ages of 15-24 years. Many of the youth face diverse problems and live with constant life challenges. Especially in urban centers of the country, the number of delinquent juveniles is increasing. In Addis Ababa alone it is believed that there are over 100,000 people living on the streets, and more than half of these are young people. This number is increasing every day due to poverty and migration of people from the rural to urban areas in search of a better life.

December 2013 – Honduras coup/fraud update – more murders, higher living costs, worsened conditions, to welcome 2014...


December 2013 – Honduras coup/fraud update – more murders, higher living costs, worsened conditions, to welcome 2014...

Summary of political assassinations in December 2013

An unnamed youth of Anti-JOH 'black shirts' (antifraud) was assassinated on 1/12/13

journalist Juan Carlos Argenal was killed by hitmen on 7/12/13

Ex Libre candidate Graciela Suazo Solano was murdered on 7/12/13

Students, murdered and disappeared...

WGAR News: Radioactive Show: Maralinga - Muckaty - Medicine: 3CR Community Radio

Newsletter date: 18 December 2013


* 3CR Community Radio: Radioactive Show: Maralinga - Muckaty - Medicine
[Featuring Aunty Sue Coleman-Haseldine, Barb Shaw, Penny Phillips, Isobel Phillips & Michael Fonda]
* Background to Justice for Aboriginal victims of Maralinga nuclear tests
* Background to the proposed Muckaty nuclear waste dump

* RTRFM: Understorey: Regulating the Nuclear Village
[Featuring Uncle Kevin Buzzacott, Uncle Glen Cooke, Kado Muir & Della Rae Morrison]

* Tracker: Federal govt suspends Ranger operations

Woodchip mill shut down as protests continue

Today two conservationists have attached themselves to machinery inside the woodchip mill at Eden, in New South Wales. This is the second protest at the mill in the past week, calling for an end to Nippon Paper's ongoing role in the destruction of Australia's native forests.


The WTO pushes through bad deal; Developed countries and TNCs are the big winners

Bali, Indonesia - The 9th Ministerial Conference of the World Trade Organization (WTO) pushed through a Bali Package in the final hours, extending the Conference to December 7, but at the cost of the developing countries, the poor and the hungry.

Facilitating Trade for TNCs