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Collage about the environmental predicament limited by the flawed method to create money

excerpts of "Age of Stupid", "97% Owned Monetary Reform", "BP Oilspill" Clarke Dawe, Onion News, Yes Men "Post Consumer Waste Recycling Program WTO"

music: Jamaaladeen Tacuma, Marcus Miller, P.V. Ellis

Rio+20: Asian movementsā€™ statement on the green economy

We are movements and organizations from Asia, waging struggles on various fronts and arenas to defend our rights, resist policies and projects that cause harm and destruction, and to fight for immediate priorities and demands, as well as profound transformation of our societies. Fight for Our Future! No Price on Nature!

We envision a social and economic system:

Honduras coup update May 2012

Honduras Coup Update - May 2012

(see full version here http://www.sydney-says-no2honduras-coup.net/much-shorter-monthly-version...)

There was a sudden surge of political killings during May. There were at least nine political assassinations.

Capturing carbon and protecting our forests

The Forestry Industry: The truth.

The Australian forestry industry has only one purpose, to provide revenue for state governments. Our forests are considered fodder for governments that lack the ingenuity to devise alternative and sustainable sources of revenue to provide for the needs of the state to which they refer.


Background to expansion of Olympic Dam mine challenge (South Australia)

Last updated: 5 December 2013


WGAR News: ... (5 Dec 13)
* Ryan Emery, SBS Radionews: Elder pleads with BHP "don't make me bankrupt"
* Ryan Emery & Greg Dyett, SBS Radionews: Indigenous elder appeals to BHP Billiton
* Babs McHugh, ABC Rural: Aboriginal elder Kevin Buzzacott gets no answer from BHP AGM ... "

WGAR News: ABC News: Arabunna elder Kevin Buzzacott loses legal fight against Olympic Dam mine expansion (27 Oct 13)


Snakes everywhere - over 110 snakes placed in 25 new genera

Global Snake audit yields over 100 species in 25 unclassified genera.
Media release 10 May 2012
An audit of most of the worldā€™s advanced snakes utilizing results of several molecular studies has found more than 25 genera of unassigned or improperly assigned snake species.
In a series of papers published last month in issues 10-12 of Australasian Journal of Herpetology, over 110 species of snakes were shown to have been placed within genera they were not phylogenetically a part of.


Two sides to the debate on logging forests and the issues that concern us all

What are the issues affecting forestry, timber harvesting, the loss of habitats? Environmental Scientist, Dr Beth Schulz says logging is a crime against nature. Forester and Chair of the WA division of Foresters of Australia, John Clarke says anti-logging protestors have got it wrong and that Western Australia's regrowth forests are thriving. Read the full article as the two sides of the forestry debate are presented



Press Release: 10 May 2012
The regional rally for a CSG-free Northern Rivers will see people from the Clarence to the Queensland border and from as far away as Dorrigo and Glen Innes gather in Lismore on Saturday 12th May. The day will involve a march through town followed by a rally with a range of informative speakers and a great line up of musicians in a ā€˜Rock the Gateā€™ concert.


Claim of responsibility for graffiti attack on coal magnate's home

In the early hours of April 9 some Wollongong ecovandals redecorated a $5 million dollar mansion owned by Arun Jagatramka, executive chairman of Gujarat NRE Coking Coal, a mining company which has recently established itself in the Illawarra region.

Baillieu government budget fails the environment, public transport

Environment Victoria has said there is virtually nothing in the Victorian State Budget to improve Victoria's environmental credentials. Environment Victoria's campaign manager Mark Wakeham said the State budget was ā€œdeeply disappointingā€. He described the budget as failing "to deliver on key environment election promises, significantly cuts environment and climate change policy funding, and ignores opportunities to create green jobs and reduce household energy and water bills."