Moors' Law Bigger than Moore's Law -- It's about OIL, why it goes only up

Going Viral: Moors' Law for Oil says $7 a gallon gasoline in '17

Moore's Law for transistor count is ending, but now there's Moors' Law for oil and it says gasoline -- US national average -- will be $7 in 2017 as oil reaches $120 a barrel. The law is named for Kent Moors, a professor Duquesne U. Specifically, the price of oil and the number of cars in China, which drives it, double every 5 years. These murderous prices change everything in society.

Moors' LAW FOR OIL PRICES: (Kent Moors):

Two New species of crocodiles named!

Media release – July 2012
Two new crocodile species discovered – the first new croc species named for decades!
A recent global review of the living crocodiles identified a new genus and two new species of crocodiles, being the first formally named species for decades.
The two new species are from southern New Guinea and the Northern Territory, Australia.
Both had been known as different for some years, but neither had been scientifically described and named.


Global audit yields new snake species

Global Snake audit yields over 400 species in 75 unclassified genera.
Media release
An audit of most of the world’s advanced snakes utilizing results of several molecular studies has found more than 25 genera of unassigned or improperly assigned snake species.
A second sweep of those omitted in the first round to complete the audit added about another 50 genera, 36 of which were Blind snakes.


Strzelecki rainforest reserve continues to fall

Strzelecki Rainforest Reserve Now Cops Herbicide Spraying July 2012


The Strzelecki Ranges (located 150km south east of Melbourne) once contained some of the largest trees and one of the largest stands of cool temperate rainforest on planet earth. That situation changed forever in the late 19th century with the logging and torching of the region. Now remnant vegetation is retained only on the eastern side of the ranges. The Strzelecki's is one of the most depleted bioregions in Victoria.


Robbery - carbon tax

Government robbery – now called a carbon tax

This short piece of the Adelaide road shows about 30 lamps fully on in a mid day. Those lamps at that spot are on very often whole day. Sometimes only they are off.
Typically such lamps have 100-400W each. So one may argue that it is only 6kW of power assuming a 200W per lamp. It is not much comparing to a total power consumed by Adelaide and to total wasted power. Is it only a 6kW?


Videos: Rally against Baillieu new coal plans and HRL coal power station

June 28, 2012: Up to 300 People gathered on the steps of the Victorian Parliament house to show opposition to new coal projects which would destroy prime farmland and triple Victoria's contribution to greenhouse pollution.

Residents from Bacchus Marsh and south Gippsland attended to show their opposition to new coal mining projects and plans to use an experimental drying technology by Exergen to open up further mining and the export of brown coal.

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Solidarity gathering for the Honduran resistance

On 23 June 2012 on the Iberoamerican Plaza next to Central Station, Sydney, 40 people gathered as a community in solidarity with the people of Honduras against the continued political killings, human rights violations and environmental exploitation that has been driven by an internationally coordinated military coup since 28th June 2009. The coup was to ensure conditions to allow business to do whatever they want without regard for human lives and the environment.

Groups urge world leaders to reject “Green Economy” in Rio+20 summit

MANILA, Philippines - Various cause-oriented groups warned the Philippine delegation and world leaders attending the three-day United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (UNCSD) in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil not to fall into the trap of believing that the proposed "Green Economy" is "a tool and mechanism for sustainable development."