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Justice for Rex Bellotti Jnr an inch closer - new witness and calls for an inquiry.

During the last couple of weeks Indymedia Australia and The National Indigenous Times in its most recent edition highlighted the plight of a West Australian Nyungar family whose young son, the eldest of their six children, was hit by a police four wheel drive. There is no question that the police vehicle hit him however the acceptance of responsibility has not occurred – and within this journey various acts and stressors upon the family, are clear acts of various racisms and discriminations and some of these with their origin-of-thinking from within the many inter-generational stereotypes and other premises.Much has unfolded within the fortnight since Indymedia Australia featured on its site and The National Indigenous Times featured on its cover, and as its four-page centerpiece article within The Big Read the plight of the Bellotti family and their seeking of some justice, some remedy and closure.
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URGENT Appeal to Save Ballerrt Mooroop College

School supporters have issued the following urgent appeal for help on the picketline at Ballerrt Mooroop College:

"Bulldozers are on site. We don't want the bulldozer to destroy our Ceremonial Ground, Gathering Place and Spirit Tree. So come down and support and help us to Stop this from Happening. Re-post this to everyone that you know please. The more help and support that we get is much appreciated."


Save Ballarrt Mooroop College Campaign Update: (15th August 2011)

Workers returned to the site today still without a Traffic Management Plan endorsed by Council - This is a breach of OH&S. The workers requested Police protection! (while they are breaching the OH&S law!) - They seemed to think that if a Traffic Management Plan is being worked on they can still work there. 'Work Safe' have been advised and are sending an Inspector to the site.

Local residents who parked their cars in Trevannion and Hilton Street corner earlier today have been requested by police, to move them. - CFMEU have also been advised that the workers are in breach of OH&S.


Ballerrt Mooroop campaign update 22nd July 2011

No meeting has been organised by the Victorian Department of Education and Early Childhood Development (VDEECD), Ballerrt Mooroop College (BMC) and Glenroy Specialist School (GSS) and the Minister to obtain his support for a modified BMC/GSS Site Plan for both schools and to secure major funds for a new "Gathering Place".

BMC Architect has reviewed the modified Plan from the joint negotiations between BMC, CoM, GSS and VDEECD (Bus bays can be reconfigured) and discussions are continuing on the Plan.


Save the Kimberly's blockade update: police violence and 25 arrests

Before first light the police arrived in force. There have been 25 arrests today. Around 100 campers were woken by police. At least 70 Police ahead of a huge convoy of Browse Joint Venture vehicles including bulldozers and other heavy machinery approached the camp. In the pre-dawn 7 Police cars were at first held up. After some discussion the police vehicles were allowed through – just like all tourists and local vehicles have been for 30 days (without the friendly wave and well wishes that were customary).


Ballerrt Mooroop Campaign Update 14th June 2011

Gary and Dottie have asked if people can continue to come to Ballerrt Mooroop College and support the picket, especially over the next few days. While there hasn’t been any direct threat communicated, it is important that we remain vigilant. It is possible that work could commence tomorrow (14th June) after the long weekend.


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