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Will humans go extinct soon?

Investigating claims of near-term extinction for humans. Clips from Guy McPherson, John D. Cox, Dr. David Archer. Interview w. John Michael Greer. Analysis of predictions by Malcolm Light of the Arctic Methane Emergency Group (AMEG). Radio Ecoshock 130605 1 hour.

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United Natures press release

PRESS RELEASE - for immediate release

United Natures - a United Nations of all species
Directed by Peter Charles Downey
Release June 1st 2013.

Soil Carbon sequestration limited in mitigating fossil fuel emissions say scientists

Rebuilding soils through carbon sequestration and mitigating fossil fuel emissions sounds like a win-win solution all around. A reason the Liberal and National Parties in Australia adopted it as a major part of their 2010 Direct Action climate change policy. But a new international study by Australian and UK scientists said soil carbon programs while important, have many limitations, and provide too much false hope in mitigating emissions from fossil fuels.

Cities to get much hotter as heatwaves amplify Urban Heat Island Effect

A new study just published looked at the way Urban Heat Island effect interacts with heatwaves. It is not a simple addition of the heatwave increase in temperature added to the urban heat island temperature: heatwaves exacerbate and amplify the Urban Heat Island Effect so that the impact is magnified. This is a major energy use and health concern for people living in cities, particularly the poor and vulnerable.

"Not only do heat waves increase the ambient temperatures, but they also intensify the difference between urban and rural temperatures. As a result, the added heat stress in cities will be even higher than the sum of the background urban heat island effect and the heat wave effect." say the researchers, Dan Li and Elie Bou-Zeid, both from the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Princeton University

Honduras coup update for April 2013

Honduras Coup Update, April 2013

News of Political Persecution in April 2013

Summary of Political Assassinations in April 2013 – 4 farmers and a human rights volunteer

Three farmers of Dos Bocas community in Santa Rosa de Aguan: Wilfredo Cartagena Castillo (28), Edwin Geovanni Rivera Castillo (18) and Wilmer Rivera Castillo (15) were murdered by hitmen in their own home on 3/4/13.

Also at Dos Bocas, hitmen murdered farmers’ leader Alfronzo Vasquez Bonilla in his home on 21/4/13.

Heading for cooler waters - Climate change impact of warming oceans on global fish stocks

For the first time scientists have demonstrated the impact of climate change on ocean warming and sea surface temperatures affecting global fisheries stocks. Previous studies were limited to individual fisheries. The changes have been occurring clearly since the 1970s, the scientists say. The implications of this research raises the need for timely changes in fisheries management practices and adaptation plans for communities dependant on fishing, particularly climate vulnerable developing countries in the tropics.

"Given global fisheries contribute hugely to the world's economy and food security, this is a significant finding," said co-author Dr Reg Watson from the University of Tasmania's specialist Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies."We are no longer talking about future hypotheticals - we are talking about impacts on a global scale that we can already demonstrate."


Who will control the climate of the world?

A small group including Bill Gates, worried climate scientists, some nuclear weapons boys, and multinational oil companies want to "save" the climate with geoengineering. They are talking about a "shield" which would dampen the sun, leading to whiter skies, instead of blue.

Maybe we will get so desperate we'll beg them to do it? Then we can just keep on burning good old Australian coal!

Australian author Clive Hamilton tells all. Audio interview from Radio Ecoshock 25 minutes.

Moreton Bay seagrass projected to drastically decline with sea level rise

To most of us, what is hidden beneath the waves of our coastal environment remains invisible and is little thought about or cared about. Yet seagrass meadows, though hidden from our direct view, contribute valuable ecological services supporting valuable fish nurseries, as food for dugongs and turtles, and as a highly efficient blue carbon sink sequestering carbon.

A new study of the seagrass meadows in Moreton Bay, Queensland found that a significant proportion of valuable seagrass habitats would be lost without action to offset the affects of climate change. "The area of seagrass habitat was predicted to decline by 17% by 2100 under a scenario of SLR of 1.1 m." said the study.

Biodiversity decline from climate change affects huge range of common species

While much scientific and public attention has focussed on the many species endangered or on the brink of extinction like Carnaby's cockatoo, the impacts of climate change on species biodiversity are much larger. A landmark study looking at nearly 50,000 common species with widespread ranges has determined that half of these animals and two thirds of the examined plant species will lose more than half their range in the next 70 years, by 2080, if nothing is done to slow down the rate of global warming through cutting carbon emissions. We are truly in the middle of a biodiversity crisis with habitat loss and climate change causing the 6th mass extinction

Aussie coal industry "ripe for financial implosion"

Alex Smith of Radio Ecoshock interviews John Connor, Exec. Dir. of the Climate Institute in Sydney. Their new report shows the Australian coal industry can only burn a fraction of their reserves before the climate spins out of control. The big coal companies are over-valued, based on reserves that are "unburnable" - a big risk for the Australian economy. Listen to/download this 19 minute interview here:

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