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WGAR News: Maori Party issues scathing letter to Tony Abbott regarding treatment of Aboriginal people: Claire Trevett, New Zealand Herald

Newsletter date: 22 April 2015


* Analysis / Opinion: Belinda Grant Geary, Daily Mail Australia: 'The first thing that strikes me about Australia is how racist this place is': Writer claims our treatment of Aborigines is WORSE than apartheid South Africa
* Analysis / Opinion: Sisonke Msimang, Africa is a Country: Is There a Place Where White People Are More Committed to Faux Race Blindness than South Africa?

WGAR News: Interview with Haydyn Bromley on funding for the 60 SA Aboriginal Communities: Uncle Stephen Goldsmith, Nunga Wangga - Radio Adelaide

Newsletter date: 15 April 2015


* Audio Interview: Uncle Stephen Goldsmith, Nunga Wangga - Radio Adelaide: Haydyn Bromley on funding for the 60 SA Aboriginal Communities
[Featuring Haydyn Bromley, Stephen Goldsmith, Minungka McInerney]

* Audio Interview: CAAMA Radio's Strong Voices: South Australia's Remote Communities Safe for Now!
[Featuring Haydyn Bromley, Aboriginal Lands Trust South Australia]

WGAR News: Urgent Action: Stop WA's Bill for the mandatory sentencing of children: Amnesty International Australia

Newsletter date: 5 April 2015


* Analysis / Opinion: Jack Callil, VICE United States: Why Are Indigenous Australian Kids Doing Time in Adult Prisons?
* Audio: Caitlyn Gribbin, ABC News: Children speak about being held in police lock-ups
* Analysis / Opinion: Caitlyn Gribbin, ABC News: Nearly 200 children locked in WA police station cells awaiting transfer to Perth after sentencing

WGAR News: Aboriginal Australian Communities Send a Powerful Message to Government: Stop the Forced Closure of Aboriginal Communities

Newsletter date: 24 March 2015


* Analysis / Opinion: Gerry Georgatos, The Stringer: Here is part of the list of threatened Homelands - "remote communities"