A strange night in Greece

The struggle is international

Gunshoots in Athens downtown. Three injured immigrants. This is fascism.

11 July 2009, Athens, Greece: Comrades (and the media) report three important incidents:

First, someone fired a gun against the cops (no injuries).

Second, someone from his car fired gunshoots against immigrants, injuring three. They were taken to a hospital by an ambulance.

Third, fascists set multiple floors of a building occupied by homeless immigrants (the Efetio) on fire.

Afghanistan: Karzai builds warlord alliance

By Hamish Chitts

On August 20, Afghanistan will conduct its second presidential election under the US-led occupation. Current Afghan President Hamid Karzai is the clear frontrunner in the election, despite a December Gallup poll having found that only 10% of Afghans supported Karzai’s government. Karzai was handpicked by the US to head the Afghan government during the US-led invasion in late 2001.

6 Australian graf artists gaoled in UK

Six Australian graffiti artists were found guilty of painting British trains and have been gaoled in London.

The gang of six known as the AMF Crew painted internationally before being caught in London and found guilty of conspiracy to commit criminal damage. Other work by AMF has since been spotted in Japan and Australia.

Win in the Amazon

34 to 60 people were killed and many more where injured and some activist have gone missing after protests turned to clashes between Indigenous Indians of the Amazon and police in Bagua north of Peru got violent. The protests came about after the Peruvian government made changes to land laws threw there free trade agreement with the USA to allow corporations to log, drill for oil and dam the river. If the works went ahead it would have been the end of for the many indigenous group’s culture and living standards.

Lebanon: Short film on the siege of Nahr al-Bared Refugee Camp

The anarchist media collective a-films has just published a new short film ("Two Years Under Siege"/10min) from the destroyed Nahr al-Bared Refugee Camp in northern Lebanon.

Two years after the outbreak of the war in Nahr al-Bared, the camp's fate remains unclear. The reconstruction of the official camp might start soon, but the army keeps its tight grip on the camp. Several checkpoints, barbed wire and military posts cut Nahr al-Bared off from its surroundings.

The bloodbath of my family‏

Nisha N.

The following article is based on a speech given at a recent rally in Melbourne.

In a village in the Vanni region of north-east Sri Lanka, the Sri Lankan Army (SLA) demanded the Tamil civilians move into the “safety zone”. It demanded they leave all their belongings and walk towards the soldiers with their hands raised high.

Afraid of getting shot, they screamed: “Please don’t shoot us!”, and walked slowly towards the SLA with the hope of surviving this ordeal. What awaited them was a blood bath.

Censorship and self-censorship

My latest blog rant approaches the issue of censorship and why we need resources like Indymedia. It was inspired by the latest of many attempts by mining companies and their cronies to silence my reporting on community radio 4ZzZ102.1fm in Brisbane. I've self-censored names to protect the innocent.