Not all tours end in arrest - but mine did

by Sarah Haynes

I am volunteering with the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions (ICAHD). This is an Israeli human rights group with a focus on house demolitions both in solidarity with the Palestinians who suffer the devastation of losing their home, but also to debunk the Israeli myths about actions based on security: Destroying peoples homes can have no security justification- instead it is a tool in what the convener of the group, Jeff Halper, describes as the 'matrix of control'.

Greece: Prapopoulou squat attacked, one immigrant beaten

Fascist attack against a squat in Greece.

On 1 August 2009 at 02:00 AM two thugs in helmets stopped with their motorcycle by the Prapopoulou squat and using iron bars they tried (unsuccessfully) to break doors and windows.

By pure chance at that moment a homeless immigrant, friend of the squat, was inside. When the thugs took notice of him, they launched a savage attack with their iron bars, hitting his head and body while engaging in racist hate speech. They then left, leaving behind them a container filled with petrol.


Zelaya briefly returns to Honduras to combat history of US backed coups in Latin America.

On Friday July 24, ousted President Manuel Zelaya crossed into Honduras after coup president Roberto Micheletti refused the terms negotiated by Nobel Peace Prize winner Costa Rican President Oscar Arias this weekend which would have restored Zelaya to power under a reconciliation government. He crossed with hundreds of supporters forming a circle around him in as protection but he had to retreat to avoid bloodshed. The military had blocked many more supporters 10 kilometers before the border.

Win in Nigeria - Shell pays out

Oil giant Shell has agreed to payout $15.5 million to nine families of murdered environmental and human rights activist in Nigeria instead of going to court. Shell said they would pay for a “Humanitarian gesture”, and that they don’t have anything to hide. The director of Remember Saro-Wiwa said "No company, that is innocent of any involvement with the Nigeria military and human rights abuses, would settle out of court for 15.5 million dollars. It clearly shows that they have something to hide".

Greece: failed attack against free radio station

Greece: failed attack against free radio station

Translator’s intro: Radio Revolt is an unlicensed radio station in Greece which is devoted to counterinformation. It transmits from an occupied retired railway carriage in a university campus in Salonica. The station is well-known amongst the Greek radical youth, as Athens Indymedia has a permanent link to the station’s website:

Update: peace activists in live fire zone call on defence minister to end war games

PLEASE CONTACT TS09 info line 1800 639 724 and
Defence Minister John Faulkner
and demand that the exercises be stopped!

Senator Scott Ludlam has informed the Minister of Defence that activists have entered the base.