UN leaked document verifies world heading for 3 degree plus temperatures

A leaked draft UNFCC document dated 15th December shows that current committments of emissions reductions "remain on an unsustainable pathway that could lead to concentrations equal or above 550ppm with the related temperature raise around 3 degrees C.".

NGOs banned, rich countries highjack climate talks

Friends of the Earth and other NGOs have been banned, and asome forcibly evicted from the UN climate talks in copehagen as rich countries continue to highjack the agenda and have produced a profoundly unjust plan.

Over 2000 people are reported to have been arrested outside the climate talks.

This MR from FoEI:

Climate talks: rich countries to blame for deadlock

Australia collects second Fossil award over climate financing

The 9th Fossil of the day award was announced with Australia as part of the Umbrella group winning 2nd place. The satirical awards are a popular event presented by Climate Action Network activists.'Fossil of The Day' awards are given to the countries who perform the worst during the past day's negotiations at UN climate change conferences. (Youtube Video)

Australia is trying to buy off small Islands at Copenhagen climate talks

Pressure is clearly building on poor countries to back down from strong climate targets here in Copenhagen. At a powerful press conference this morning, the Prime Minister of Tuvalu accused Australia of setting up a private meeting with a number of small island states and trying to bribe them into accepting the 2 degrees C target that would mean extinction for their islands.

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Greenpeace evade security for climate banner on Sydney Opera House

Greenpeace today unveiled a message for Prime Minister Kevin Rudd: a banner on the iconic Sydney Opera House saying: "Stop the Politics - Climate Treaty Now". Five Greenpeace activists scaled one of the sails of the Opera House to do the banner drop.

The banner drop ocurred at 9.20am with police quickly sealing off the area to tourists and the banner was taken down by 10am. The activists have each been charged with trespass.

InvestigateWest photographer arrested covering climate protest in Copenhagen

COPENHAGEN — InvestigateWest photographer Christopher Crow was arrested today by police wielding batons and accompanied by police dogs. Crow had been photographing demonstrators trying to shut down Copenhagen’s harbor outside the United Nations negotiations on climate

Crow was taken into custody along with about 275 others. Some 400 to 500 demonstrators had been involved in the protest.

Demonstrators marched roughly six blocks before riot police trapped the group against a metal railing about 2 1/2 miles from the harbor.

Perth Indymedia reporter arrested with other journalists in Copenhagen climate protests

Alex Whisson from Perth Indymedia, currently in Copenhagen making a documentary on the protests and COP15 summit was detained on Sunday as hundreds of people marched towards the harbor in Copenhagen, chanting and carrying banners reading "Our planet not your business". Several journalists and photographers were targeted by the police and detained.

DECEMBER SEEDS - An interesting short film about the revolt in Athens Greece December 2008

“December seeds"is a hybrid documentary about the December 2008 revolt in Greece.It consists of images that were shot in the streets as well as material from the greek media.
A strange story about Chris Marker and "The seeds",a film that has never been shot ,unravels as the movie goes on.

Duration:29 min.

you can download from indymedia athens:
(Subtitles in engish included)