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money as debt II -

Zeitgeist Addendum

Bernard Lietaer

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Sea Shepherd ship Steve Irwin resumes pursuit of whaling fleet

On New Year's Eve The Sea Shepherd ship Steve Irwin successfully left the Australian Economic Zone (EEZ) without any sign of the Japanese whaling fleet security ship Shonan Maru No. 2. In gale force winds and heavy swells the Steve Irwin departed Hobart after 60 hours refuelling and reprovisioning.

"It's a big ocean down here they have no idea where we are," said Captain Paul Watson. "I'm now confident that we can proceed with our search for the Japanese whaling fleet without further interference from the Shonan Maru No. 2."

Vessel searching south of Tasmania for whaling ship.

The Sea Shepherd vessel Steve Irwin has been followed for the last 3 weeks by a security vessel/harpoon ship called the Shonan Maru 2. When on Tuesday the Steve Irwin docked in Hobart she was followed right up to the Australian EEZ by this whaling vessel. It is thought the Shonan maru 2 is still lurking offshore. A small group have decided to hunt the whale hunters just outside the Australian EEZ and have taken their boat to search for the lurking Shonan Maru 2. These people are not linked to any conservation group and are entirely self funded.

Climate chaos films (free to download)

Two well made and free to download films on climate chaos.

Wake Up Freak Out (12)

Brilliantly made and informative animation about the science of climate chaos. Also, available in many languages.

The First Wave (26m)

Unfortunately, climate change isn´t some far away thing that may happen, its happening. The First Wave’ is a documentary about the first climate change refugees.

Australian government pushes to introduce mandatory ISP filtering

Australia: 2009-12-16

Australia joins China, North Korea and Iran by introducing Internet censorship.

The Australian Government has announced it would push ahead with plans for compulsory filtering of the internet using a "secret list" rejecting criticism the measures lack transparency, are easily circumvented and will do little other than strangle free speech.

Sea Shepherd awaits second vessel to shake Japanese shadow

When the Sea Shepherd ship Steve Irwin left Fremantle on December 9, the Japanese ship Shonan Maru No 2 was waiting to intercept and has continued to tail the whaling conservation ship south to Antarctica. Aleady there has been some initial conflict in the icy Southern Ocean near the French Base at Dumont D'Urville.

Climate shame: Copenhagen agreement fails UN processes and the planet

Climate negotiations in Copenhagen ended with a whimper and some chaos in the final plenary. 119 national leaders attended the Copenhagen climate talks but the final 'agreement' (PDF) announced by the US, India, China and South Africa, was drafted far outside the consensus process of the United Nations and amounted to only aspirational targets and promises, falling far short of an ambitous, fair and binding treaty demanded by civil society.

Australia one of the worst Climate Fossils in Bullying small island States and also in Financing Adaption | UN Leaked Document verifies world heading for 3 degree plus temperatures | ClimateIMC: Climate Colonialism: Clinton's $100 billion in funding comes with colonial strings | Perth IMC: Copenhagen sham: the Empire reveals its nakedness in the land of Hans Christian Andersen


Australia coming home strongly as one of the worst climate Fossils

On Thursday Dec 17 Australia picked up a 1st place fossil award for Bullying Tuvalu and Other Small Island States. In addition it shared 2nd and 3rd place with Canada, and Japan because of our inability to even keep up with the US on long-term climate finance.