1 million prize for global water shortage solution

The ruler of Dubai and vice president of the United Arab Emirates, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoumhas, has offered $1 million USD to the research institute that comes up with an effective solution to the global water shortage problem.

But on one condition — the solution must involve solar energy. All institutions are eligible for the prize, not just those located in the UAE.

The Shortwave Report 7/25/14 Listen Globally!

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Car free towns & car free cities

Cars are a luxury good & there are many places all over the world where there are no cars, these places are known as (Car free towns & car free cities). People in rural areas operate tractors & raise produce & the food is then transported to the (Car free towns & car free cities) by truck, people in the (Car free towns & car free cities) then purchase the arcadian rural food from their local markets. These (Car free towns & car free cities) are the homes to many artisans & all types of goods are manufactured in these (Car free towns & car free cities).

Turn About

Almost 320 years ago to the day, the twin global economic problems of poverty and eco-devastation, were legitimised by an act of the English Parliament.

Could it be time for a new Act to reverse this situation?

So Bentley protester; as a concerned citizen you legitimately object to what you say is, and hopefully now was, an unnecessarily destructive, irrational attempt by the gas and oil miner Metgasco, to exploit our local Northern Rivers environment. However, assuming the yoke of our financial-system it may well be exploitation but irrational it is not.

Singapore - The Necropolis City of Hangings

Singapore hanged two prisoners on July 18, 2014. Foong Chee Peng, 48, and Tang Hai Liang, 36, were hanged at dawn inside Singapore's Changi Prison.

The hangings were reported by the Singapore media and all worldwide media - excluding Australia (in the slight chance Australia would be seen to upset the tiny island nation of five million people).

Both men were convicted of drug-trafficking. Tang was found to have trafficked 89.55g of diamorphine and Foong was found to have trafficked 40.23g of diamorphine.

Bon Appetite ! [ audio ]

Toxicity of farming, water, industrialised foods, GMOs, hormones - presently the ONLY choice for the majority of humanity to eat

Credits: Bruce Lipton, Rachel Carson, Neo Nicotinoids, Bait and Switch TV, other -
I wanna know - LUIZ SIMAS, McDonalds Drive Thru Song - Todrick Hall, Question What's Inside, RockitScience - Little GMO, Junk Food Song - Dr. Machel Seibel

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Better housing for the so called mentally ill

The Australian Association Of So Called Mentally Ill People proclaim that are not really mentally ill, they are just accused of being mentally ill by mental health advocates, they proclaim they are mistreated by mental health advocates, pharmaceutical companies & anyone else involved in promoting the so called mental health industry. The Australian Association Of So Called Mentally Ill People proclaim that their human rights are constantly violated.

Freedom of Speech

By Gerry Georgatos - June 19th, 2014 - courtesy of The Stringer - - The ABC promotes itself as ‘democracy’ and the ABC’s Q&A program as “an experiment in democracy” but after its host, Tony Jones’ response to students who unfurled a banner during the program there were observers who questioned the ‘democracy’ that the program touts. Freelance writer and journalist, Clementine Ford defended the democratic right of the students to assemble and protest but which Mr Jones admonished.

The Lorax series on the Scarcity Wars – 1. Sand

By Gerry Georgatos - courtesy of The Stringer - - May 18th, 2014
Human greed is ravaging the earth, wiping out billions and millions of years-old-management systems, making extinct millions of species, forever changing the world’s landscape. Rapacious greed for the urbanisation of the planet is unsettling the earth to the point that alarmists have justification in arguing a future tumult of scarcity wars, never-before-seen ‘natural’ disasters, civil strife and the loss of human life not just in the millions but in the billions.

For all our kids

By Bill Shorten

Today I spoke in the Australian Parliament on the need for real action on climate Change.

There is no doubt that our earth is warming and our seas rising – or that humankind is the cause.

And if we do not act, the consequences will be severe.

Governments of the world, both progressive and conservative, are making their choice clear.

Today, 39 national and 23 sub-national jurisdictions have implemented or are on track to implement carbon pricing instruments, including emissions trading schemes.

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