Protest Songwriter Luke Vassella [ audio ]

Interview with Luke Vassella who participated during the protests against un-conventional gas fracking in Bentley, Northern NSW Australia

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Nil Desperandum

Nil Desperandum by Gray

We are being kept alive by a system that's killing us. If this situation is acceptable; fine, but many others wish to know why this is happening and how to deal with it. The following is a generalised explanation of the problem and some suggestions on a resolution.

The term 'debt-system' has a less than propitious ring to it so we've called it Capitalism and in some nations it's Communism; however, they are financially synonymous; their method of creating money is the same.

Borneo: axing a national park for palm oil

By Rainforest Rescue, Hamburg

Bumitama Gunajaya Agro (BGA), a palm oil company, is clearing large areas of rainforest in Tanjung Puting National Park and the adjacent buffer zone in order to convert the land into oil palm monocultures.

Borneo's Tanjung Puting National Park covers an area of 400,000 hectares and is home to unique tropical forest ecosystems. The coastline and the estuaries are lined by dense mangrove forests. Swamp and peat forests still dominate the landscape.

July 2013 Honduras Coup Update

Honduras coup update – July 2014

Political persecution in July 2014:

Brutal and murderous eviction by police and army, against Gregorio Chavez farmers movement in Panama community in the Bajo Aguán palm plantations

More police powers are needed to stop people driving cars

More police powers are needed to stop people driving cars, currently if a car is speeding the police have the right to pull the car over, also random breath tests give the police the right to pull a car over. However the police should have the right to pull a car over to ask some basic questions like what do you do for work & this information should be passed on to the bureau of statistics, the government has the right to know what its citizens do for work & this applies to people who drive cars all over Australia.

Global Banking Since 1694 [ audio ]

When we look around the present conditions of war against each other and the environment, one could not imagine that an act conceived in 1694 in London would be central to these present day issues.

One Third Of The World's Population Die In Police Custody

One third of the world's population die in police custody, the majority of these people are people with so called mental illness, note they can not scientifically prove that mental illness exists, in other words its a pseudoscience & in reality mental health is more about eugenics & population control by murdering people through forced incarceration & the forced consumption of drugs.

An appeal from Australian Jews to the Australian Jewish community

Over 165 Australians of Jewish identity and background have signed an Open Letter (below) calling on their fellow Jews to break their silence on the onslaught on Gaza by Israel. Among the signatories are actress Miriam Margolyes, union leader Kim Sattler and writers Sara Dowse, Antony Loewenstein and Susan Varga.
Vivienne Porzsolt of Jews against the Occupation, which organised the Open Letter, said ‘Silence is consent and as Jews, we must oppose atrocities taken in our name. Our public stand demonstrates that many Jews reject the brutal occupation of the Palestinians by Israel.

THE DAY AUSTRALIA STOOD STILL - The Hanging of Ronald Ryan

* The clock strikes 8:00 AM.
* It is a hot Friday morning.
* The 3rd day of February.
* In the year - Nineteen Hundred and Sixty Seven.
* The State of Victoria hangs Ronald Joseph Ryan inside 'D' Division at Pentridge Prison.
* Australia falls silent ...
* Birds startled by the loud crash of the trap door suddenly fly off the roof of the prison cellblock.
* At the same time - a gust of wind from nowhere - slams shut the prison church doors with a loud crash.
* A crowd of 3,000 protesters outside Pentridge Prison - pause for a three minute silence.

War Profits [ audio ]

In the presence of so many conflicts its worth understanding the economics behind global warfare


C.H. Major Douglas, SIPRI

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