Sydney federal MP Tanya Plibersek attacks Wikileaks

First Julia Gillard bitterly attacked Wikileaks and Julian Assange. Then the Attorney General Robert McClelland suggested that Assange’s passport may be cancelled.

Now the member for Sydney, Tanya Plibersek is sinking the boot in.


Australians in London demand the immediate release of WikiLeaks founder

RESS RELEASE: DATE December 13th. 2010

On Monday 13th December at 4.30 pm, concerned Australian academics, artists, activists and expats will deliver a letter of demands to the Australian High Commissioner calling for the Embassy to be proactive in securing the immediate release from custody of fellow Australian citizen and founder of WikiLeaks Julian Assange. The letter has been signed by celebrated journalist John Pilger, Australian born human rights activist
Peter Tatchell and a growing number of Bristish based stralians

Kaputt Leaks mp3

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Local voices, media samples, "the 6 diplomatic options" by Yes Minister

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Free Julian Assange! Hands Off WikiLeaks!

The Internationalist  
December 2010 

Sinister Attack on WikiLeaks to Cover Up Imperialist Crimes

Free Julian Assange! Drop All Charges!

Julian Assange, presenting WikiLeaks' release of files on Afghanistan war in London, July 26.

Julian Assange, presenting WikiLeaks’ release of files on Afghanistan war in London, July 26. (Photo: Getty Images)

The December 7 arrest in London of Julian Assange, the founder and editor-in-chief of the Internet investigative site WikiLeaks, is a threat to freedom of the press and an attempt to silence critics who expose the bloody deeds of imperialism. We are convinced, along with many others, that Assange is innocent of the trumped up accusations of the crimes of rape and sexual molestation that are being manipulated by Swedish authorities to request his detention and extradition. It is clear that sinister forces are pushing the persecution of this courageous man, and his life could be in danger.

We have no hesitation in naming the criminal forces who are behind this frame-up: first and foremost, the United States government of Barack Obama and its military and spy agencies. They have enlisted U.S. corporations such as Amazon, MasterCard, PayPal and others, Swiss banks and the complaisant Swedish, British and Australian governments in their war on WikiLeaks. They seek to silence whistleblowers who have not only caused them diplomatic embarrassment but also lifted a corner of  the veil on Washington’s Murder, Inc. If the would-be masters of the world cannot stop the leakage of information through judicial/police methods, they will surely resort to other means.

Human Rights Day rallies support Assange and Wikileaks

Hundreds of people took to the streets around Australia for Human Rights Day and to protest the persecution of Wikileaks editor Julian Assange and the attempts at suppression of the Wikileaks website.

Rally reports: Sydney rally, photos | Melbourne rally | Brisbane rally | Perth Rally photos 1, 2 | Adelaide | Hobart |
Youtube videos: Brisbane 1, Brisbane 2 | Melbourne: Robbie Thorpe, Indigenous Activist, Rally, Rap news | Sydney - Keith Dodd, Lee Rhiannon

More rallies are scheduled around the world in December and January. Activists in Australia have setup the website to mobilise global support of wikileaks or visit the Justice for Assange site. You can do your own report on the leaked cables by checking one of the thousand (and growing) wikileak mirrors and do a report for Operation Leakspin.

Statement - The Australian and Melbourne Indymedia Collective stand in solidarity with Wikileaks and its spokesperson Julian Assange and condemn their unprecedented persecution. Donate to Indymedia

The powers that be.

We all know the great and tireless effort the "powers that be" have put into secrecy and all things clandestine. We know full well their power-trippy ways. Over the last several years, in particular, I believe this has made the world just that much more crazy. Stressed, anyway. A collective global frustration. Why else would there be such an epidemic of conspiracy theorists? People instinctively know when they are being lied to! It's not knowing the details that's made us feel unsafe somehow, suspicious, angry...

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Friends of the Earth respond to military greenwashing of US-Aust joint war games

Friends of the Earth Brisbane have released our response on the AECOM Public Environment Report for Excercise Talisman Sabre 2011, the U.S.-Australian joint war games. TS11 is the biggest military operation outside of war and takes place in several places in Australia, including the Shoalwater Bay area in QLD, the Great Barrier Reef and the Coral Sea. The PER has no legal standing and is not an EIS. It is an elaborate greenwashing excercise for a toxic, dangerous and murderous industry: militarism.

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mit Wolfi auf Nim Fm 3

Politische Ereignisse, Ueber Wiki Leaks, Music und Spass mit Google Suche

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