Can Perth become the first geothermally cooled city?

While the world debates emissions targets and climate funding amounts for developing countries in Copenhagen, a new research centre was launched in Perth on December 3 dedicated to developing technologies designed to help establish sustainable, low-emission, geothermal cities. At the same time the State Government is planning to double the number of coal-fired power stations at Collie.

Hundreds of events round Australia call for climate target of 350ppm

From Alphington to Warrawong, Broome to Wagga, Townsville to St Helens thousands of people across Australia attended a diverse variety of over 175 different climate action events calling on politicians to set the target for CO2 emissions to 350 parts per million (ppm) for a reasonable chance of avoiding dangerous climate change. CO2 emissions are already at 387ppm so we need to have negative emissions through active programs to draw down and stabilise carbon from the atmosphere.


Update: peace activists in live fire zone call on defence minister to end war games

PLEASE CONTACT TS09 info line 1800 639 724 and
Defence Minister John Faulkner
and demand that the exercises be stopped!

Senator Scott Ludlam has informed the Minister of Defence that activists have entered the base.

Peace Activist Jo Vallentine arrested in Fremantle protest against US Military

Peace activist arrested, ordered to stay away from US sailors after peaceful banner waving protest
> 4th July 2009, 15:30 WST
> Veteran peace activist Jo Vallentine has been arrested for a breach of the peace following her participation in an anti-nuclear and peace rally on the Fremantle wharf this morning.
> Ms Vallentine, 63, was arrested after being given a move on order by WA police during a peaceful protest near the E-Shed market car park.