The killing times

by Gerry Georgatos
April 20th, 2013

Courtesy of The Stringer - http://thestringer.com.au/the-killing-times/
- The map is from the book ‘Where is thy brother? : inter-racial massacres since invasion’. Originally published in Judith Monticone’s Healing the land : a closer look at needs of the Australian (re)conciliation movement, by Healing the Land 1999. – courtesy of treatyrepublic.org

The Stringer weekly newsletter - April 20

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NEWS update: There will be future interviews with our nation’s leaders on the myriad issues affecting Australians – including on our Asylum Seekers, homelessness, the economy and so on.
We are also keen to share with you that in the 55 days we have been bringing to you The Stringer we have been reaching an audience in such high numbers that it was beyond our expectations for where we are at now. We are establishing both a healthy national reach but also an international social reach.

Winter Chill: Fruit and nut trees feeling the heat of global warming

Climate change affecting safe winter chill for orchard trees.

A new study says that global warming will impact fruit and nut tree productivity in Australia and globally. Most fruit and nut trees have evolved in cool temperate climates and go through a dormant winter phase and require a certain amount of winter chill to trigger their spring growth and fruit production. But with strong trends in many regions for warming winter minimum temperatures and reduced number of 'winter chill' days, the heat is on our orchards.

The Stringer weekly newsletter - April 14

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The Stringer's interview with Tony Abbott

The Stringer’s interview with Tony Abbott – his “must-do” list for Aboriginal Australia
by Gerry Georgatos - thestringer.com.au
April 10th, 2013

The Leader of the Coalition, Tony Abbott has drawn up a “must do list” he said he would implement from the first day he became Prime Minister to deliver Aboriginal peoples from abject poverty.

Tasmania feels the autumn heat breaking March temperature records

Tasmania, that small island state of Australia that protrudes into the Southern Ocean, has recorded it's hottest March on record in over 100 years of temperature record keeping.

The mean March temperature across the state was 15.7C, breaking the 1974 record by 0.3 degrees and 2.2 °C above normal. The Bureau of Meteorology said in a statement "The state average maximum temperature was a March record of 21.0 (2.9 °C above normal and 0.9 °C above the previous record from 1974), and minimum temperatures were the 3rd-warmest for March at 10.3 °C (1.6 °C above normal)."

Cuts to single parent payments lead to hardship

Courtesy of The Stringer - http://thestringer.com.au/cuts-to-single-parent-payments-lead-to-hardshi...
Gerry Georgatos - There are 630,000 Australian lone parent families with dependents – 84 per cent are single mothers and 16 per cent are single fathers. 54 per cent of these single parents have a youngest child less than nine years of age. Of the parents with a child less than 9 years of age 59 per cent were in some form of employment end of June 2011 according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (2011).