Bolt’s poisonous words tells me he is obviously not well

By Dr Woolombi Waters - courtesy of The National Indigenous Times - - “After the Creation, brothers, sisters and others of the closest kin, intermarried promiscuously – the evil effects of these alliances becoming manifest – a council of chiefs (elders) was assembled to consider in what way they might be averted, the result of their deliberations being a petition to the Muramura (Good Spirit), in answer to which he ordered that the tribe should be divided into branches and distinguished one from the other by different names, after objects animate and inanimate, such as dogs,

Minders block National Indigenous Times to Abbott trip as the paper declared "public enemy number one"

Courtesy of The National Indigenous Times - Editorial - The National Indigenous Times was “public enemy number one” according to mining billionaire, Andrew “Twiggy” Forrest when he launched a scathing attack on the publication at an informal gathering of senior Federal Government Ministers and advisers in Canberra recently and the Prime Minister, Tony Abbott’s minders declared at the same gathering there was no way they wanted to any journalists from the National Indigenous Times present during Mr Abbott’s visit to Yolngu Country this week because they did not want Mr Abbott to have to deal wi

Australia a nation of disabled people

The human body was actually designed for walking, but how often do people walk these days, there is 17.6 million motor vehicles in Australia & people use these vehicles like they are all disabled, they can't walk properly so they choose to use a motor vehicle instead of walking, they can't run so they use a motor vehicle instead. Australia is a nation of disabled people, a nation where machines take precedence over human health.

Terror Alert Rewind 2003 [ audio ]

Retrospective fear mongering of the state [ again ! ]

Credits: Waxaudio, Buttress O Kneel

6:20 min 128 kbps stereo 5.8 MB

Second Belanglo Murders Suspect Dies

The man who came under suspicion before Ivan Milat for the backpacker murders and who was the chief suspect for a time has died in Warrawong aged 74. His surname is Kas pr zy ck.

Police should take DNA samples because there were witnesses to some of his many crimes.

There is unidentified perpetrator DNA on file which was found under the fingernails of one of the victims at Belanglo. This DNA could well belong to this man.

four deaths of note

this post will report on 4 deaths, 3 of those were of the death in custody type whilst the 4th was that of a good and true friend.

ms. wanda irihia bidios is a maori elder who at the time of her death on the 7th of august this year was 82 years old. she preferred to be known as irihia.

i first met her some 10 years ago, maybe even more, through my other good and true friend, anne duffy-lyndsay, known to me as 'comrade mother.' anne was 92 at the time of her death.

Gabriels Lucifer talks about renewables & other future things

Gabriels Lucifer talks about renewables & other future things . . .

Depression and suicide prevention must be top of the agenda this century

By Gerry Georgatos - Courtesy of The Stringer - - Nearly one million people the world over die by suicide each year according to the World Health Organisation. The World Health Organisation stated that in 2012 there were 803,000 reported suicides. The real number is likely to be closer to double. In general, suicide takes more lives than war. But what leads to suicide? In understanding the first ever World Health Organisation report on suicide the major cause is depression.

Irrkelantye still without water – NT government in disgrace

By Gerry Georgatos - Courtesy of The Stringer - - (Photo of Irrkelantye dwelling by Paddy Gibson) Today, Irrkelantye has been without its water supply for one month. The residents of this open air shanty now walk half a kilometre to collect as much water as they can carry back. The Northern Territory Government is not budging from its relative silence. It appears the Government wants the people to move on from this safe space.

don and henry continue blaming us for our own ills

whilst twiggy forrest is running around the country attempting to sell his master plan to 'save' we aborigines from our 60 000+ years of culture and history. to, in a sense, to save us from ourselves.

apparently there are thousands upon thousands of well paid jobs if we only become romany-like and travel around the country picking fruit. we just need to leave our ancestral lands and become full-time itinerants.

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