14 skulls handed to traditional owners in Berlin

One of Europe’s largest university clinics, the 300-year-old Charité in Berlin, Germany, has just returned 14 skulls of Aboriginal people to indigenous representatives. The skulls were packed singly in boxes and during a handover ceremony stood in a lecture hall. The boxes were covered by various indigenous flags, reported a Berlin newspaper.
Representatives of the Australian government and ministries as well as the embassy attended the ceremony. The Aborigines took possession of the remains of their ancestors as “traditional owners”.

Warrants are sought for the arrest of Tony Abbott, Scott Morrison, George Brandis and others

From: "Ray Jackson"

as previously advised, isja had intended to do a view of the current human rights abuses and abrogations and the federal government's fully sanctioned criminal acts against the legitimate right of asylum seekers to come to this country. they are not 'boat people' or 'illegals', their legitimacy or otherwise must be decided only by standards of the un declaration on refugees of which australia has been a long time signatory.

instead we pass on the detailed application to show cause below and urge your full support in this action.

Save The Deadlys

Betty Adams
Canberra, Australia

"Once you say yes to 99-year lease, you’re gone, finished"

30 May 2014
Media Statement

Yolngu Nations Assembly

99-Year Township Leases

Yolngu Nations Assembly (YNA) urges the Commonwealth Government and indigenous communities to consult carefully before considering entering into 99-year township leases.

In October last year, Senator Nigel Scullion announced that Gunbalanya traditional owners had agreed to work towards finalising a 99-year lease by 30 June 2014, stating that he and the traditional owners “agreed that a township lease was the most effective way to achieve economic and commercial development in Gunbalanya.”

Native Title a powder keg of corruption waiting to explode

Gerry Georgatos - courtesy of The National Indigenous Times - - Native title is a powder keg of improprieties and corruption just waiting to explode so that if and when it does then at long last native title can be crafted with the necessary changes so that indeed the peoples of the land, the impoverished communities, are reached by the native title benefits which for now much of these intended benefits are being rorted and denied to them.

Zee Book Exchange [ audio ]

In the age of digital reading devices people return to hard copy books for reading

Interview with Bruce and Juanita about Nimbin's "Zee Book Exchange"

sounds: Miles Davies

15:00 min 128 kbps stereo 14 MB

Coal Seam Gas Fracking resumes in Bentley

After a temporary reprieve with the suspension of Metgasco's license to drill in Bentley, near Lismore NSW, the company has obtained a court order to continue exploring for coal seam gas threatening again the farmland and water table.
This time the protesters will be confronted with up to 800 police and other legal tools to prevent another "people's victory".

There is an informed article highlighting the underlying cause and principles driving the corporations.

Car free towns & car free cities

Cars are a luxury good & there are many places all over the world where there are no cars, these places are known as (Car free towns & car free cities). People in rural areas operate tractors & raise produce & the food is then transported to the (Car free towns & car free cities) by truck, people in the (Car free towns & car free cities) then purchase the arcadian rural food from their local markets. These (Car free towns & car free cities) are the homes to many artisans & all types of goods are manufactured in these (Car free towns & car free cities).

Martu’s Ernie Ifould calls for Royal Commission

Gerry Georgatos - courtesy of The National Indigenous Times - - The Martu peoples of the Western Desert languish impoverished while the millions of dollars that have allegedly never reached them are being brought to the attention of the nation through Fairfax journalists, Richard Baker and Nick McKenzie. Some of the Martu are calling for a Royal Commission into native title following highly publicised questions raised in the media around a large amount of allegedly missing money.

Turn About

Almost 320 years ago to the day, the twin global economic problems of poverty and eco-devastation, were legitimised by an act of the English Parliament.

Could it be time for a new Act to reverse this situation?

So Bentley protester; as a concerned citizen you legitimately object to what you say is, and hopefully now was, an unnecessarily destructive, irrational attempt by the gas and oil miner Metgasco, to exploit our local Northern Rivers environment. However, assuming the yoke of our financial-system it may well be exploitation but irrational it is not.

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