Forrest’s report misunderstands welfare and parity

By Gerry Georgatos - courtesy of The National Indigenous Times and The Stringer - The Forrest report – ‘Creating Parity’ – which pushes the line of ‘seismically’ changing the landscape for First Nations people contains more than just how to incentivise job creation for First Nations people. It describes the potential for a whole lot of social engineering in order to bring on ‘equality’ as Mr Forrest and his co-authors see it.

We'll keep fighting for the imprisoned refugee children

I've just returned from Canberra, where Immigration Minister Scott Morrison appeared before the Human Rights Commission's inquiry into children in detention.

You might have already heard the news that the Minister plans to release 150 children under the age of 10 from detention by the end of the year. This is great news for the 150 young children and their families, who will soon be released from closed detention and into the community on bridging visas.

Mr. Scam Meets Mrs Opportunity [ audio ]

When Mr Scam meets Mrs Opportunity you get a profitable mixture.
Add a bit of pseudo new age church, and it can move Mount Burrel.

Local report on developer scam with manipulative means

7:30 min 128 kbps stereo 6.9 MB

Why is Begging Illegal in Victoria?


The Victorian police have started “cracking down’ on homeless people who beg for change on Melbourne streets

It’s claimed that the police have even “confiscated” the money given to beggars.

Nil Desperandum

Nil Desperandum by Gray

We are being kept alive by a system that's killing us. If this situation is acceptable; fine, but many others wish to know why this is happening and how to deal with it. The following is a generalised explanation of the problem and some suggestions on a resolution.

The term 'debt-system' has a less than propitious ring to it so we've called it Capitalism and in some nations it's Communism; however, they are financially synonymous; their method of creating money is the same.

What will it take to end Aboriginal disadvantage, the inequalities and the various crises?

By Gerry Georgatos - Courtesy of The Stringer - - The Fred Hollows Foundation’s CEO, Brian Doolan said, “There are no excuses for Australia to be the only developed country in the world where people still suffer from trachoma, where Indigenous men in areas such as the east Katherine region have an average life expectancy of 46 years, where babies are dying at a rate three times higher than babies born to non-Indigenous born to non-Indigenous parents.”

NSW Police attempt to censor pro-Palestine protest

The NSW Police is applying to the Supreme Court of NSW to prohibit a peaceful protest by Palestine solidarity activists. The protest is being held on from 5:30pm on Thursday 21st of August outside the opening of the Israeli Film Festival.

International GoTopless Day - Aug 24, 2014 It is a matter of Equal Right's Australia
We will be hosting a peaceful Protest at the Byron peace Pole, on August 24th 12pm - 3pm

A woman deserves the same choice as a man...
International GoTopless Day August 24th Women and supportive friends are taking part in this action all around the world to help free Humanity in regards to this issue of Equal Rights for Women.

Pearson’s vision – ignore what works and attack those dole bludging welfare recipients

Dr Woolombi (Marcus) Waters - courtesy of the National Indigenous Times - - Courtesy of The National Indigenous Times - Noel Pearson said the Forrest report struck at the “roots of the passive-welfare predicament of Indigenous Australians”. He said the Forrest reforms did not displace the welfare safety-net system but rather built “a new opportunity staircase as an alternative pathway for individuals and families to climb out of disadvantage and into the advantages enjoyed by their fellow Australians”.

Carpetbaggers and corruption – time for anti-carpetbagger laws; tell them to nick off

Gerry Georgatos - courtesy of The National Indigenous Times and The Stringer - There was great hope for the reclamation of land rights following Mapoon, Yirrkala, Lake Tyers, Wave Hill and Aboriginal Tent Embassy. But this hope has been dashed. Western Australia has the nation’s highest median income – per capita it is the richest State in the Commonwealth of Australia yet it has the highest homelessness rate in the nation, and the First Nations peoples bear the brunt of it.

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