Price on Pollution rally: Melbourne

Approximately 7500 people attended the Price on Pollution rally at Treasury Place, Melbourne, attended by an estimated 7,500 people demonstrating their support for a fixed price on carbon pollution.

The rally was called by Get UP as a response to anti-carbon tax rallies inspired by Tony Abbott's call for a "peoples revolt" against the proposed ALP policy.

Images courtesy of Nick Carson

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Carbon dioxide is not a pollutant. Brainwashed hippies. Get a life and do some research first before you rally for a tax on carbon dioxide. Idiots!

The rally was for a price on pollution, for resonsible practice from businesses in to the future, for a sustainable future, for a future for everyone.

The Carbon tax is just but one facet of it, and to presume millions of people, including climate scientists have got it wrong, because you heard your facts from some high paid douche bag or dodgily presented 'sceptic' website, is just arrogant.

I'm not even sure precisely what your point is? You don't think we're polluting the world? You don't think this matters? There are delicate balances, and misbalancing CO2 certainly does have an effect on the environment.
Why shouldn't we encourage responsible business practice toward the environment? Sustainable futures? A move to renewable energy technology?

A sustainable, progressive future IS good business.


while i could be wrong and i have no evidence i suspect the anti carbon price comments we have seen in indy over the last few weeks is orchestrated. the comments tend to happen around the same time, use very similar language and rarely actually engage in a debate, my guess is its only one or two people at most.

It,s Tony here Abbott that is I wrote all the anti carbon price or is that tax comments you caught me.

as opposed to the 200 deluded denialists that went to the anti pollution tax rally eh ?

There is a report with selection of photos on Melbourne Protests -

Sucked in people.

Global warming alarmists have got you bad.

The poles arent melting. The oceans aren't rising.
And in 30 years time you will realise what a bunch of kooks you really were.