Australian atomic massacre of Aborigines still ignored

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By David T. Rowlands

Nearly 60 years have passed since Totem 1, a British nuclear test in the Australian desert, was recklessly conducted in unfavourable meteorological conditions.

Nuclear testing of any sort, even in the most "controlled" of circumstances, is inherently abusive, a crime against the environment and humanity for countless generations to come. Yet the effects of Totem 1 were particularly bad, even by the warped standards of the era.

The downfall of Prime Minister Julia Gillard began with broken promises on the Intervention and the lies about the Lobby restaurant incident

- The following article has been republished on a number of sites in various formats, originally from various versions on The Stringer and in The National Indigenous Times. - Gerry Georgatos' investigations reveal the beginning of the end for Julia Gillard as Australia’s Prime Minister started with the revelations of the involvement of the Office of the Prime Minister to use the 40th anniversary Aboriginal Tent Embassy celebrations to wedge Opposition Leader, Tony Abbott. Gerry broke the story nationally that parliamentary staffer, Tony Hodges did not act alone.

"This system has made it much harder for us to share and care for each other" - After 6 years of NT intervention

By Barbara Shaw - Six years ago my family watched the TV in my living room as John Howard announced he would be sending in the military and taking control of our communities.

I have never been more frightened in my life. I locked the gate of my town camp and kept the kids inside for two weeks for fear of them being taken. I worried constantly about my family out bush who didn't understand what was coming.

Victorian government knowingly driving Leadbeater's Possum to extinction, say scientists

Two distinguished environmental scientists accused the Victorian Government of forestry policies knowingly designed to drive Leadbeater's Possum, one of the two fauna emblems of Victoria, to extinction.

In a letter to, the publication of the Australian Association for the Advancement of Science, Professors David Lindenmayer and Hugh Possingham say, "Government-sanctioned legal logging of the reserve system will significantly increase the chance of extinction of Leadbeater's possum. To the best of our knowledge, and despite state and national threatened species legislation, this is the first time an Australian government has taken calculated actions to substantially reduce the viability of an IUCN-listed endangered species with full knowledge of the likely consequences." (Read full letter reproduced at end of this article)

Petition: Defer the Bill that would lock-in long-term native forest logging | Help Save Leadbeater's Possum | My Environment Appeal 2013 Leadbeater's Possum | Ethical paper pledge

A fair media - let no threat get in the way

“It is not enough for journalists to see themselves as mere messengers without understanding the hidden agendas of the message and the myths that surround it,” said John Pilger.

Article courtesy of The Stringer -

Seasoned journalist Kate McClymont delivered a speech, now widely referred to as the ‘Where angels fear to tread’ speech, at the Australian Press Freedom Dinner in early May. The event was hosted by the Media, Entertainment & Arts Alliance and the Walkley Foundation for Journalism.

Stop the refoulement of Sri Lankan Tamil asylum seekers

Melbourne 22 May 2013: The Australian government has separated 14 Sri Lankan Tamil asylum seekers, 4 men, 3 women and 6 children (including a 6 month old baby), who arrived by boat and were detained in a remote immigration detention centre in Christmas Island from other asylum seekers and have informed them that:

a/ They are not going to be allowed to make an application for asylum.
b/. They are going to be forcibly deported to Sri Lanka.

Liberation through acquisition

By Gary Foley writing in The Tracker

Melbourne was recently privileged to receive a visit from Queensland’s most famous Lutheran since peanut farming Premier Joh Bjelke-Peterson. I refer, of course, to the corpulent and verbose Aboriginal Man of the Moment- Mr Noel Pearson.

More independent Aboriginal states in the pipeline

Goodooga, 20 May 2013 - - Aborigines who have just met for two days in Brisbane are looking to launching their own independent states, as the Murrawarri people have just done in northwest NSW and southwest Queensland.
“Clearly the people are now asking the pertinent questions relating to a process of asserting their continuing sovereignty as individual nations,” writes Michael Ghillar Anderson, Convenor of the Sovereign Union of First Nations and Peoples in Australia in a media release.

Heading for cooler waters - Climate change impact of warming oceans on global fish stocks

For the first time scientists have demonstrated the impact of climate change on ocean warming and sea surface temperatures affecting global fisheries stocks. Previous studies were limited to individual fisheries. The changes have been occurring clearly since the 1970s, the scientists say. The implications of this research raises the need for timely changes in fisheries management practices and adaptation plans for communities dependant on fishing, particularly climate vulnerable developing countries in the tropics.

"Given global fisheries contribute hugely to the world's economy and food security, this is a significant finding," said co-author Dr Reg Watson from the University of Tasmania's specialist Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies."We are no longer talking about future hypotheticals - we are talking about impacts on a global scale that we can already demonstrate."

Scientists condemn Queensland land clearing changes, warn of biodiversity loss

Leading Queensland environmental scientists are up in arms over changes to Queensland's Vegetation Management Act and the Water Act which will enhance land clearing and destruction of native vegetation important for preserving biodiversity values, ecological services such as clean water and flood mitigation, and carbon sink potential.

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