Major uranium leak endangers Kakadu - but played down

Gerry Georgatos - courtesy of The Stringer - - A million litres of radioactive slurry has contaminated Kakadu National Park from a burst tank at Ranger uranium mine. It is a significant toxic accident but it has surprisingly generated relatively minimal news coverage. It took the local Traditional Owners to break the news to Australia.

Forty uranium mines is the plan for Western Australia

Gerry Georgatos - courtesy of The Stringer - - Credible sources in the uranium sections of resource companies first told The Stringer, in February, of futurist uranium mining plans that are being deliberated by mining companies for Western Australia – which is rich in high grade uranium, and which is easily accessible in this infrastructure wealthy State. They described a burgeoning relationship with India, the world’s most populous nation, as a market for the uranium.

QLD: G20 Dissenters form Action Network

As Australia assumes the G20 presidency prior to the summit in November next year, concerned community members announce the formation of the Brisbane Community Action Network G20 (BrisCAN-G20).

The network has formed to facilitate community responses and raise the profile of dissent to the G20 summit. BrisCAN-G20 will foster collaborations between community groups, support community action and provide commentary and critique of the G20 and Australia’s role in it.

Star chamber Government scuttles transparency & reverses Rudd UN decision on Israel/Palestine.

Courtesy of WikiLeaks - By Gerry Georgatos - Without informing, let alone consulting, the House of Representatives the inner circle of Prime Minister Tony Abbott has shifted what little support the previous Government, especially under Kevin Rudd, had for Palestine – to Israel. Though many do not realise, a major part of the dumping of Prime Minister Rudd had to do with private dissatisfaction for his support of UNESCO cultural rights to Palestine.

Civil Society stages mass walkout protest from Warsaw Climate change negotiations

Civil society organisations abandoned the COP19 climate change negotiations in Warsaw on mass. Members from Greenpeace, Oxfam, WWF, Actionaid, Friends of the Earth, the International Trade Union Confederation (statement) and all started leaving the conference at 2pm. This is an unprecedented action, the first time several major civil society groups have staged a mass walkout.

Friends of the Earth International highlighted that the Warsaw Climate Change negotiations were failing, with Tension high in Warsaw talks as G77+China walk out. The role of Australia and reduced ambition of Japan  have been widely mentioned. Australia and Canada are seen as the major wreckers, but there has been substantial intransigence from much of the developed world to progressing the negotiations forward on finance, ambition, and a loss and damage mechanism. Poland's Coal Summit has shown the fossil fuel corporatism entwined in this COP with widespread dismay at the coal powered negotiations of COP19 and at UNFCCC official Christiania Figueres who gave the keynote speech at the coal summit 

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Analysis: The Warsaw walkout and the Climate Movement

Australia, the mother of all jailers of Aboriginal people

Gerry Georgatos - - Lo and behold, Australian prison numbers are on the increase, record high – and Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander peoples now comprise nearly one in three of all prisoners. 30 per cent of the Australian prison population is made up of Aboriginal peoples, up from the much touted 26 per cent, the more than one in four of all prisoners. As a researcher in custodial systems and as a prison reform advocate I predicted the rise, accurately.

Thousands of children evicted – nowhere to go

Gerry Georgatos - courtesy of The Stringer - - Recently in Western Australia, an 86-year-old grandmother, an Aboriginal lady, was threatened with eviction for non-payment of a state-housing water bill. Her eviction has only been stalled by the intervention of Kimberley parliamentarian, Kija woman Josie Farrer. Recently, two Perth families, once again Aboriginal, with 9 children and 11 children were evicted from their homes.

Help us assist children in 68 countries

Brother Olly Pickett was building wheelchairs for children in a tiny workshop in Cambodia when he came across one of the youngest workers in the group. Brother Pickett told ABC journalist, Stephanie Dalzell, that the 15-year-old amputee was propped up on his knees, undeterred by the rough concrete floor he was kneeling on.

He was helping construct one of a dozen wheelchairs for children on the outskirts of the town who struggled to get to the local school each day.

Brother Pickett says at the end of his trip, the group decided to give the boy his own wheelchair.

‘Close the Gap’ – failed

Gerry Georgatos - courtesy of The Stringer - photo, Palm Island kids, courtesy of NACCHO - - Last week we revealed the lie of $25 billion spent on Indigenous disadvantage, and several weeks ago we revealed that almost 1000 Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islanders died from suicide throughout Australia between 2001 to 2010, and that we estimate this national epidemic is probably twice the reported numbers.