Abbott Cuts Hit The Poorest Of The Poor


Julie Bishop and Tony Abbott have slashed aid spending to the poorest people in the world again.

This time they’ve cut $4 billion over the next four years.

This means Australia will now drop from being the 13th most generous nation to the 20th.

The total cut to aid this year is almost $11 billion. That’s almost one third of all budget cuts.

Abbott has now cut overseas aid to its lowest level since 1958.

What a disgrace.

If you have to cut spending why would you cut it from the people who are in absolute poverty, not to mention all the domestic cuts to low income earners in Australia.

And yet we hear just a few voices of protest in a few news articles. Why?

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<p>Ever heard of 'political corruption' in the lands of the poorest of the poor?
<p>And yet we no voices of protest in news articles. Why?