For all our kids

By Bill Shorten

Today I spoke in the Australian Parliament on the need for real action on climate Change.

There is no doubt that our earth is warming and our seas rising – or that humankind is the cause.

And if we do not act, the consequences will be severe.

Governments of the world, both progressive and conservative, are making their choice clear.

Today, 39 national and 23 sub-national jurisdictions have implemented or are on track to implement carbon pricing instruments, including emissions trading schemes.

But the Abbott Government’s staggering display of blustering arrogance and craven incompetence in the Senate has made one thing abundantly clear.

Only one political party in Australia has a serious, substantial and credible climate change policy – the Australian Labor Party.

Labor believes the science and will continue to fight for real action on climate change – for an emissions trading scheme.

It is the policy we took to the last election, and it is what our amendments moved again in the Parliament today will deliver.

Inaction will be a disaster for the Australian economy and our environment.

It will be a disaster that guarantees Tony Abbott will be remembered forever for his environmental vandalism.

Bill Shorten
Leader of the Opposition


Do we understand the reason why banks and industry must choose profit before people and the environment ?

Do we understand, or just call it greed ? Do we analyze what the financial flaw is, or just blame one group or individual ?

When money is debt, everything becomes corrupted. Greed is everywhere where individuals, groups, and nations have to survive under a cruel monetary system. Self-preservation overrides any moral dimension, and short term trumps long term. You MUST survive TODAY, to have perhaps a chance to "save the planet" tomorrow.

So how can we replace the faulty money method without scaring the hell out of the elites, who have a fear of loss perception, since they cannot imagine a different way of currency creation than the prevalent asset based scarcity debt system ?

Just some questions for the kids