A Real Fashion Revolution

Local Perth women Alysha Harkins and Gilliane Burford have launched a major campaign so you can wear your “Made in Bangladesh” clothes with pride.

As founders of new non-profit, MADEgram, the two have joined the crowdfunding revolution to raise the funds to develop an app to bring about lasting change in the Bangladesh garment industry.

“On the eve of the anniversary of the collapse of Rana Plaza and the inaugural Fashion Revolution Day, shoppers have never been more passionate about the conditions in which their clothes are made in,” said MADEgram Project Manager, Alysha Harkins. “We know that most Australians are  more than willing to pay a dollar or two more from retailers such as Kmart, Target, Cotton On and Just Jeans (all who source from Bangladesh), if they could be confident that the extra mark-up would go to supporting the people who made those clothes.”

 MADEgram was created to do just that. The MADEgram app will allow people to donate that extra dollar, as they shop, every time they purchase an item Made in Bangladesh. “Smart phones have become integral to the way people interact and engage with the community. This app will take non-profits into the 21st century more than ever before. Supporters will be able to contribute when it is convenient for them, as well as share their donations alongside their new outfit on social media,” Alysha explained. 

The two have turned to successful crowdfunding site Pozible to raise the funds to develop the app. Crowdfunding is an online platform that for innovative and creative projects to gain the financial backing needed to get it off the ground. "Our goal,” said Alysha, “is to reach $10,000 so we can develop an app that is safe, secure and easy to use on a frequent basis.”

However, with just over 2 weeks left to raise the funds, the campaign requires a much needed boost.  To mark the anniversary of Rana Plaza and to celebrate the first Fashion Revolution Day, MADEgram is hosting A Quiz for A Fashion Revolution. “We are hosting a trivia night and asking all our supporters to wear their clothes inside out as we join the international conversation about the fashion and garment industry. We will also take the largest ‘#insideout selfie’ for Fashion Revolution Day here in Perth”. T

The event will be held at Maylands Peninsula Sports and Recreation Club on the Swan River this Thursday, April 24 from 7pm.  Tickets are available online through MADEgram’s Facebook page (check the Events tab) or on the door on the night. There is no minimum team number but the maximum is 8.

Ensuring safe and fair working environments for garment workers has been described as the most significant social movement of our generation. Change needs to come from within the industry itself, but it cannot do so without the support of governments, brands and at the end of the day, the consumer. “I’m positive,” says Alysha, “people are looking for a way to make that change happen. And the MADEgram app will, quite literally, put the power into people’s hands to make a real change in the garment industry. To Make A Difference Every day. ”

About MADEgram


Founded in Perth in June 2013, MADEgram is committed to working with local organisations in Bangladesh to bring about real and sustainable change in the Bangladesh garment industry. The MADEgram app provides a platform to allow users to donate an additional dollar to support the industry, each time they purchase an item that has been ‘Made in Bangladesh’.