Welcome to The Stringer’s final newsletter for 2013 - "a rise of voices"

NEWS update: The Stringer went live February 20, 2013. Ten months later we would like to thank you, our readers, for your support, for accompanying us on this journey thus far. We cannot do what we love to do without you. We thank you, our readers, those of you who continue to share our articles, those of you with your messages of support. Thank you for sharing of our articles and your messages of support and encouragement do mean a great deal to us. To all of you, as we stand alongside each other striving for the making of difference, we wish you always the very best and we from The Stringer hope you enjoy the holiday season ahead, and in 2014 continue to help us grow.

We are a not-for-profit independent news format. We who work on The Stringer believe in the rise of multiple voices on any issue, in libertarian principles, we fight against monopoly politics, we believe in the importance of going out on a limb to find out the truth and then to tell that truth. The Stringer is another voice engaged in the age old struggle against ignorance, inequality, racism, injustice. Indeed, there are an unfolding suite of human rights languages but the battle to make social justice a lived experience for all people is still a steep uphill one; a dire tension in which truth is meddled with by deceit. Where we go to from here depends on many more of us - on the pursuance of a genuinely informed society.

We believe in the importance of independent media with a bent for investigative journalism.

In our first ten months, we broke numerous stories, we became an archive and resource to be tapped into by other media, we secured interviews with the highest officers in the nation, we even made some changes to certain mandates in these high offices, we brought Government attention to issues that the narrow corridor of politics has a sad record of disregarding - it is our sustained coverage of the extensiveness of Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander child, youth and adult suicides, and our unrelenting pressuring of these high offices with our through-care journalism, that forced them to include this tragic suicide crisis within their mandate. This year The Stringer won national journalism awards - for best investigative reporting, best feature writing, and one of our writers was awarded journalist of the year.

The Stringer thrives on output, on a high volume of quality stories rather than on several sexy pieces a week. We do not lampoon anyone but rather seek to inform and challenge, we give it everything we have - where necessary we do not shy away from criticising or from opening ourselves up to criticism. We are not bent on making money, we work on The Stringer with a passion. We do not seek donations or funding, and we run The Stringer at a personal financial loss. We do this because we see that good has come from what we do, and that we have given rise to voices far too often neglected, omitted, censored. Like The Little Drummer Boy we give all that we have - and in that is the message of true love.

If you would like to donate this Christmas to something worthwhile please consider the Wheelchairs for Kids Foundation and read below to find out how. Helping a child who cannot walk into a wheelchair means the changing of lives, whole lives, bringing improved wellbeing and relief to each family.

Some of our stories from the last week include:

Table of Microaggressions
December 24th 2013 by Samantha Connor

Indonesian Armed Forces, the main Anti-Peace Agents in Papua
December 24th 2013 by Selphius Bobii

The Island Where People Forget To Die
December 23rd 2013 by Dan Buettner

John Pilger goes back to his homeland to investigate Australia’s dirtiest secret
December 23rd 2013 by John Pilger

Medicine Now, at the Wellcome Collection London: Obesity, The Body, Malaria and Genomes
December 23rd 2013 by Associate Prof Joseph Ting

No encryption sound – backdoors and wormholes – full blown surveillance on its way
December 22rd 2013 by Gerry Georgatos

Bolivians rejected McDonalds – “a good example to follow”
December 22nd 2013 by Gerry Georgatos

What the Press Should Learn From the “Snowden Effect”
December 22nd 2013 by Reed Richardson

Beware of Greeks bearing gifts? No way!
December 22nd 2013 by Suresh Rajan

WA Supreme Court in an unbelievable decision dismisses Stolen Generations compensation claim
December 20th 2013 by Gerry Georgatos

Doctors for Refugees
December 20th 2013 by Gerry Georgatos

Did we really need to spy on them?
December 19th 2013 by Suresh Rajan

Controversial appointment of Tim Wilson to so-called Freedom Commissioner
December 18th 2013 by Gerry Georgatos

Environmental Defenders Offices defunded
December 18th 2013 by Gerry Georgatos

Damaging children
December 18th 2013 by The Stringer

Homo sapien sapiens originated in Australia, not ‘out-of-Africa’ – DNA evidence
December 18th 2013 by Steven Strong

The number cruncher!
December 17th 2013 by Suresh Rajan

Love letter to friends on Jeju Island, from Dr Hakim and the Afghan Peace Volunteers in Kabul
December 17th 2013 by Kathy Kelly

Allegation of Toyotas for uranium mining
December 17th 2013 by The Stringer

Government defunding NATSILS makes no sense
December 17th 2013 by Gerry Georgatos

Traditional healers – ngangkari – in an Australia-first
December 17th 2013 by The Stringer

Wedge politics fail according to Warren Mundine
December 17th 2013 by Warren Mundine

Social Justice & Native Title state of the nation report!
December 17th 2013 by Gerry Georgatos

Let the children suffer
December 16th 2013 by The Stringer

Some of The Stringer’s most read stories include:

Australia’s Aboriginal children – The world’s highest suicide rate
27th February 2013 by Gerry Georgatos

Is Australia a racist country?
7th April 2013 by Suresh Rajan

Climate of death – Justice denied means more will die
18th July 2013 by Gerry Georgatos

There are scores more stories, localised, national and international, you can choose from to read – and share with others on The Stringer

The Stringer recommends the 28 minutes audio from 3CR – The War on Iraq: 10 Years On

Anyone who would like to assist with Wheelchairs for Kids please contact us – the organisation builds hardened up wheelchairs for children in countries devastated by war, civil strife, abject poverty and it has reached 66 countries and 26,000 children. Most recently wheelchairs have been donated to Sri Lanka, the Congo and Libya. The Libyan consignment became the 66th nation we have reached. Millions more children wait. – You can contact Gerry Georgatos, the Wheelchairs for Kids Foundation manager - 0430 657 309, gerry_georgatos@yahoo.com.au or Jennifer Kaeshagen, the Wheelchairs for Kids Foundation communications coordinator wheechairsforkids@gmail.com

You can quickly find out more about Wheelchairs for Kids here, and here.

You can donate directly to the Wheelchairs for Kids Foundation at:
BSB: 016 261
ACC: 267255563

The Wheelchairs for Kids Foundation is always glad to receive donations of soft toys and rugs as each wheelchair is packaged with a soft toy and a rug for each child. Wheelchairs for Kids is always ready to welcome new members to our knitting group, please phone us at the factory on 9409 3633 if you’re interested in joining. Wheelchairs for Kids is run out of a factory in Perth, Western Australia, the address of which is 45 Dellamarta Road, Wangara 6065. Donations of toys, blankets and wheelchairs can be made by delivering or posting the articles to this address. Our volunteers staff the factory Monday to Friday (except Thursdays) - the best time to drop off donations is between 9 and 11am.

Please know that your feedback on The Stringer is always more than welcome.

To subscribe to this list please email us at contact@thestringer.com.au

The Stringer’s people thank you.

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