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NEWS update: The Stringer went live February 20, 2013. We are a not-for-profit independent news format. We believe in the importance of independent media with a bent for investigative journalism.

Independent news media contributes to the unfolding landscape of human rights and social justice. It is The Stringer’s aim to provide every opportunity for the rise of voices that far too often are denied. If The Stringer believes in the importance of a story we will sustain coverage – this is what The Stringer terms through-care journalism. Already we have had a positive impact on the Australian socio-political landscape, and therefore we encourage you to get involved - by contributing a story or by sharing The Stringer as widely as possible.

The Stringer team works hard to bring to you stories that matter. At present we comprise thirty-odd contributors. If you would like to become a regular contributor, or contribute an article, photograph/s, a radio or video piece, we would be glad to hear from you.

Some of our stories from the last week include:
‘Sickness Country’ – uranium and Kakadu
December 15th 2013 by Gerry Georgatos

Iceland jails bank bosses, but tax havens hide two-thirds of the world’s taxable revenue
December 15th 2013 by Gerry Georgatos

A beautiful set of numbers!
December 15th 2013 by Suresh Rajan

Out of sight and out of mind
December 15th 2013 by Suresh Rajan

Desmond Tutu excluded from Mandela’s funeral
December 14th by The Stringer

Aboriginal youth behind bars – gap widens
December 12th 2013 by Gerry Georgatos

Ngadju kala: Ngadju fire knowledge for the great woodlands
December 12th 2013 by The Stringer

Nazim Hikmet: Fourth Series from Rubaiyat
December 12th 2013 by Colin Penter

Chris Floyd: Bullshit rules the public world but private life and death goes on
December 12th 2013 by Colin Penter

2 Million Voices to remember 2 Million Afghan Victims of War, including Hashim and Zukoom
December 10th 2013 by Kathy Kelly

Sad indictment but good news for Gunbalanya’s first two female graduates
December 10th 2013 by Gerry Georgatos

Major uranium leak endangers Kakadu – but played down
December 8th 2013 by Gerry Georgatos

Despite what’s being reported, life expectancy NOT improving for ATSI peoples – 1 in 3 dead by 45 years of age
December 7th 2013 by Gerry Georgatos

Some of The Stringer’s most read stories include:

Australia’s Aboriginal children – The world’s highest suicide rate
27th February 2013 by Gerry Georgatos

Is Australia a racist country?
7th April 2013 by Suresh Rajan

Climate of death – Justice denied means more will die
18th July 2013 by Gerry Georgatos

There are scores more stories, localised, national and international, you can choose from to read – and share with others on The Stringer

The Stringer recommends the 28 minutes audio from 3CR – The War on Iraq: 10 Years On

Anyone who would like to assist with Wheelchairs for Kids please contact us – the organisation builds hardened up wheelchairs for children in countries devastated by war, civil strife, abject poverty and it has reached 66 countries and 26,000 children. Most recently wheelchairs have been donated to Sri Lanka, the Congo and Libya. The Libyan consignment became the 66th nation we have reached. Millions more children wait. – You can contact Gerry Georgatos, the Wheelchairs for Kids Foundation manager - 0430 657 309, gerry_georgatos@yahoo.com.au or Jennifer Kaeshagen, the Wheelchairs for Kids Foundation communications coordinator wheechairsforkids@gmail.com

You can quickly find out more about Wheelchairs for Kids here, and here.

You can donate directly to the Wheelchairs for Kids Foundation at:
BSB: 016 261
ACC: 267255563

The Wheelchairs for Kids Foundation is always glad to receive donations of soft toys and rugs as each wheelchair is packaged with a soft toy and a rug for each child. Wheelchairs for Kids is always ready to welcome new members to our knitting group, please phone us at the factory on 9409 3633 if you’re interested in joining. Wheelchairs for Kids is run out of a factory in Perth, Western Australia, the address of which is 45 Dellamarta Road, Wangara 6065. Donations of toys, blankets and wheelchairs can be made by delivering or posting the articles to this address. Our volunteers staff the factory Monday to Friday (except Thursdays) - the best time to drop off donations is between 9 and 11am.

Please know that your feedback on The Stringer is always more than welcome.

To subscribe to this list please email us at contact@thestringer.com.au

The Stringer’s people thank you.

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