Poverty Hustlers

Poverty Hustlers, such as governments that promise false hope on action to end poverty or even charities that do nothing more than provide relief to the poor, should move aside for those that want to see an end to poverty in Australia. Freedom from Want Filmmaker has just launched a 130 billion dollar plan to end poverty in Australia that it hopes the federal government adopts.

In 1987, Bob Hawke told us that no Australian child will live in poverty in 1990. In 2007, he said it was one of his biggest regrets saying that, especially since that is not what the speech he was reading actually said. However, this is not a story about dates and regrets. Nor is it a story about the misconceptions to do with the poor, like only those out of the job are poor, when many actually work.

This is a story about a plan that will hopefully end poverty in Australia. A plan that does not make one investment in one area, but neglects another area, helps one group, but not another, it is a plan to end poverty in all of Australia {city and rural}, safe seat or marginal seat, poverty that incidentally affects not just the poor, but everyone.

So, to avoid misquotes of speeches and regrets, let us make this perfectly clear. Freedom from Want Filmmaker has a plan to end poverty in Australia within 3 years. For those that want to read the plan, please visit,

David Hale