"The Gathering" says NO to blood sports in Ireland

Recreational animal cruelty practices in Ireland, better known as “blood sports” have taken a direct hit as "The Gathering" , a major Irish international cultural initiative, rejects these practices and deletes references to them from its website…

Hare coursing and foxhunt clubs crave good PR. In recent days they've got the opposite: Mega pop star Paoblo Nutini denounced bloodsports after attending a hunt ball in Westmeath without realising its connection to foxhunting...and then members of the Irish Council Against Blood Sports captured horrific footage of hare maulings at the so-called "Irish Cup" coursing festival at Limerick racecourse.

Now one of the most important Irish cultural initiatives of recent decades has effectively disowned the cruel baiting of live animals for "sport"...In a significant blow to the credibility of bloodsports in Ireland, the "The Gathering" has removed hunting from its events website

The Irish Council Against Blood Sports has reacted to this heartening development with this statement: " A big thank you to The Gathering for responding positively to an ICABS appeal and removing hunting from its website. One of the deleted listings was for a fair which promotes itself as being "supported by all the main hunting organisations" and includes a digging contest, "rabbits, lurchers and long nets" and hunt horse and hound displays.

A spokesperson for The Gathering told ICABS that "like Failte Ireland, we do not support blood sport and will not advertise any Gathering that promotes it."

ICABS greatly welcomes this positive response. In a year when Ireland is portraying its many positives, it is appropriate to exclude bloodsport-related events. Internationally condemned hunting and hare coursing bring shame on the nation.

We are encouraging all compassionate Irish citizens, at home and abroad, to join the campaign to rid Ireland of animal cruelty and help secure a ban on hunting and coursing".

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