Melbourne: Commemorating Freedom Fighters + Share the Spirit festival + Belgrave Survival Day

Melbourne and Victoria Aboriginal rights events for your diary - from 11 January 2013

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Event: Fri 11 until Sat 19 January 2013: Footscray, Melbourne, Vic
Wominjeka 2013
Koorie Space - Footscray Community Arts Centre
"Wominjeka means 'welcome' in the language
of the Kulin Nation. Wominjeka has developed as
FCAC’s annual celebration of Australia’s
Indigenous artistic and cultural practices;
and the launch of the Centre’s annual program."
Event details:
[From this link there are links to other activities, including:
Fri 11 January until Sun 24 March: Reflect Exhibition
Tue 15 January: Black Screen January Screening
Tue 15 - Wed 16 January: KOPI Workshop
Sat 19 January: Dirtsong Musical]
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Event: Fri 11 January until Sun 24 March 2013: Footscray, Melbourne, Vic
Reflect Exhibition
Koorie Space - Footscray Community Arts Centre
Opening: Fri 11 January
Reflect Floor-talk Sat 12 January:
"The capacity for art to enable people to reconnect
with their cultural heritage and to assist in their
recovery is central to my philosophy of the
power of art to heal and inspire people to
positively identify with their Aboriginality." Maree Clarke
Event details:
Event details:

Event: Sun 20 January 2013: Melbourne, Vic
Commemorating the Freedom Fighters
Tunnerminnerwait & Maulboyheener
Please bring flowers
Lest We Forget
Event details:

Event: Sat 26 January 2013: Melbourne CBD, Vic
Festival: Share the Spirit Indigenous music festival
Part of Melbourne’s official Survival Day celebrations
75th Anniversary of the Day of Mourning
"This year marks the 75th Anniversary of the
Day of Mourning, a protest organised by the
Aboriginal Progressive Association against the
injustices surrounding the treatment of Aboriginal
People in Australia held on January 26, 1938.
The festival boasts an eclectic mix of established
and emerging local Indigenous artists who will
perform side-by-side to celebrate what Indigenous
people achieved 75 years ago, increase awareness
of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture, whilst
contributing to the process of political change,
reconciliation and national excellence."
Event details:
Event details:
Event summary:

Event: 26 January 2013: Belgrave, Melbourne Vic
Belgrave Survival Day:
A concert to celebrate survival of indigenous
culture locally and nationally
"The sixth annual Belgrave Survival Day
will this year focus on children’s activities,
hip hop and the 150th anniversary of
Cooranderrk as a we again celebrate the
survival of the oldest living culture on earth."
"The Wurundjeri:
The land that Belgrave Survival Day falls upon
is part of the Wurundjeri nation that lived here
for tens of thousands of years before the
colonial settlers re-named the area
Belgrave in the late 19th century."
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Event: Wed 7 February 2013: Brunswick, Melbourne, Vic
Next Meeting
Indigenous Social Justice Association - Melbourne:
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Event: Easter Weekend Thu 28 March - 31 March 2013: Melbourne, Vic
Marxism 2013 Conference
Featured Speakers:
Gary Foley, Aboriginal activist:
Diane Fieldes, Aboriginal rights campaigner:
Allyson Hose, campaigner against the NT Intervention:
Kim Bullimore, anti-racism campaigner:
Event details:

Event: Fri 29 March to Sun 7 April 2013:
Melbourne-Adelaide-the uranium hotspots of SA and back!
Radioactive Exposure Tour 2013
"Friends of the Earth is hosting the annual
Radioactive Exposure Tour. These tours have
exposed thousands of people first-hand to
the realities of 'radioactive racism' and to the
environmental impacts of the nuclear industry."
"After travelling from Melbourne to Adelaide
we will head through Port Augusta and
visit the Aboriginal Tent Embassy. Then we'll
travel north to the SA desert, we'll visit BHP
Billiton's Olympic Dam uranium mine at
Roxby Downs, ... we'll hopefully get to spend
time with Arabunna elder Uncle Kevin Buzzacott, ... "
Event details:
Event details:
Background to Port Augusta Aboriginal Tent Embassy:
More about the Embassy:
WGAR Background to expansion of Olympic Dam mine challenge:
WGAR Background to the Aboriginal tent embassies:

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