A hard role to play - support Trish's petition

At 8.30 tonight, Trish Morton-Thomas actecd in the finale of Redfern Now on ABC 1.

The episode was brutally close to home for her. She played the mother of a young man who dies in police custody -- only months after her own nephew died in the hands of police.

For Trish, it was a difficult decision: “When I was asked to play the mother of the young man who dies, I seriously wondered if I had the strength to carry a character so brutally close to my own life.”

Redfern Now has trended on Twitter on almost every episode since its beginning. It’s an opportunity for Trish and the 30,000 of you who've signed her petition to remind politicians that deaths in custody aren’t just happening on television -- they're happening in real life.

Can you help her by spreading the word about her petition on Twitter?


@terrykmills (Chief Minister of the NT)

change.org/deathincustody http://bit.ly/TGuxRB