ANZAC DAY Callout for Assange and Manning! Free them! End the Wars!

Today is the 500th. anniversary of Julian Assange being detained without charge.
Next week Bradley Manning will have been jailed for 700 days without trial.

These two men are facing life in solitary confinement for exposing the nature of the wars millions in the west marched against in 2003.

When we marched in 2003 against these wars, we implicitly incited civilians and members of the military to nonviolently resist these wars. We now owe it to those who resisted and have been dragged before the courts and in chains - our proactive solidarity. Anything else is negligence and abandonment and cowardice. That's the math! It ain't rocket science! They're in chains for us, we're on the loose for them!

In London, we remain on standby to accompany Julian to the Supreme Court.

We return to vigil outside the U.S. embassy whenever Bradley is dragged before the military kangaroo courts of the U.S. On April 24th. Wed 25th Thurs 26th, Bradley will be fronting a military tribunal at Ft. Meade Maryland for a pre-trial hearing. We will be outside the U.S. embassy in London. Others will be inside and outside Ft. Meade. Others will be occupying the Justice Dept in D.C. Others will be on the streets of Cardiff.
Where will you be Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday?

Wednesday April 25th. is ANZAC Day in Australia a day of sentimenatlised glorification of war presently serving to recruit cannon fodder & civic silence for the invasion and occupation of Afghanistan. A good day to hit the streets and break the silence! A good day to demand the freedom of Julian Assange and Bradley Manning and an end to wars and war machine.

Try to find a courageous friend.
If ya can't, don't let that stop ya.
It only takes you and a placard on any street to point out "the emperor has no clothes"

Stand there and watch their death dealing mirage crumble
Think of Bradley who has endured, and faces, so much solitary
...offer it up!
Stay strong, stay staunch, solidarity

See ya on the streets
Ciaron O'Reilly
former U.S. anti-war prisoner
Irish Australian based in London



Well Ciaron, this inspired me to design an ANZAC style (make folks look twice) poster/placard/banner/sticker - whatever you wanna do with it - for the occasion. Anyone can download it at or - view full size to download.

"A good day to demand the freedom of Julian Assange and Bradley Manning and an end to wars and war machine."

Why is everyone targeting Anzac day?Why are you all hell bent on wrecking the day for our diggers, we owe so much to?

We're with you on this and not just on Anzac day every day of each year.
May sincere justive for Julian Assange and Bradley Manning happen.
An author and clairvoyant said some good news was ahead for Julian Assange at least, and I hope it applies to Bradley Manning also.
Teo different suifferers for justice and good in this workd where politicians have too many vested interests, and a lot they don't seem able to understand or even accept as utterly shameful and intolerable by millions upon millionad internationally and here in Australia.
At a collective dinner at friend tonight we've been discussing another social injustice that involves massive cover ups and wrongs and xcame upon your post wanting to have some input.
Our hearts go out to you too for suffering for being a free thinker and freedom fighter who didn't adhere to human injustice and to your credit.
(We don't agree with the journalistic code in some circles that one man's Freedom Fighter stand is another mans t.....)(Though understand what they are trying to say).

The first time I wrote this Drupal came up and wiped oit all my freinds and I had discussed on these two men.

YOUTUBE (6 mins) 'Assange Subterranean Homesick Blues'