What Monsanto doesn't want you to know

Monsanto is launching its latest war against good, healthy food -- but we have an opportunity to fight back.

Monsanto’s first genetically modified (GM) corn for direct human consumption has toxins built right into the plant's DNA, and could be on dinner plates soon -- sold unmarked, unlabelled, and untested on humans. Monsanto’s first foray into selling this potentially toxic GM corn straight to consumers is taking place in the U.S., but if they succeed, they won’t stop there.

Monsanto is relying on supermarkets to sell its product to American consumers -- and the biggest of those is global megacorporation WalMart. If we can stop WalMart from selling Monsanto corn, we can send a clear signal to Monsanto that consumers around the world won’t stand for untested GMO food on their dinner plates -- and take a big bite out of the profits they’re expecting.

Sign our urgent petition to WalMart's CEO demanding that WalMart refuse to sell Monsanto's new toxic GMO corn.

Monsanto’s GM sweet corn contains Bt toxin, a pesticide designed to rupture the stomach of the insects that eat it. Monsanto insists it’s safe for humans -- yet rats who ate potatoes with Bt suffered from intestinal damage and the toxin has never even been tested on humans. Monsanto also claims that Bt toxin breaks down in our digestive systems -- but it has been detected in the blood of pregnant women and unborn babies.

In the US, biotech firms like Monsanto have spent hundreds of millions lobbying politicians to avoid regulation for GM foods. That’s one of the reasons Monsanto has started trying to sell its product in the US -- but it won’t stop there. Cornfields across the border in countries like Mexico will inevitably be contaminated as the insect-resistant seeds are carried far afield. And what’s worse, Monsanto will see success in the US market as a green light to move into other markets -- and lobby other governments to loosen their restrictions.

Tell WalMart to take a stand for consumer safety and turn down Monsanto’s GMO corn.

Along with our partners at Food and Water Watch, we’re already making progress on this campaign -- more than 60,000 American SumOfUs members have signed the petition, and under pressure a WalMart spokesperson recently told the press that “the decision has not been made.”

As the world’s largest corporation by revenue, WalMart operates 8,500 stores in 15 countries under 55 names -- including Asda in the U.K., Pali in Costa Rica, Seiyu in Japan, Walmex in Mexico, Todo Dia or Bompreço in Brazil, Despensa Familiar in Central America, Bharti Walmart in India, and Massmart in sub-Saharan Africa.

WalMart wants to be the world’s supermarket. If consumers around the world send a strong message now that selling Monsanto’s toxic crop will give them a toxic brand, WalMart will back down.

Shut down Monsanto’s GMO corn today -- sign the petition and stop Monsanto from opening up another front in their global war on good healthy food.

Thanks for helping keep our food safe,
Emma, Kaytee and the rest of us


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No GM Food in Australia!!!!

Nice article Anon.

The sad irony is you have been unknowing fed GM food for years. Cotton seed oil seems to ride some sort of loop-hole. As a textile crop it doesn't get heavily scrutinised like corn or wheat.

In Australia of you consume any blended oil it contains GM cotton seed oil.

Canola seed oil is as bad if not worse as the oil from the GM canola is not thinned like CS oil.

Buy expensive, Australian olive oil and stop eating fried fast-food regularly.