Queensland Police Commissioner must disclose all police brutality allegations promptly

Queensland Police Commissioner Bob Atkinson recently held a press conference confirming a police investigation into the bashing of a handcuffed Gold Coast man had been launched. Mr Atkinson was critical of the leaking of CCTV footage of the attack to the media. He claimed the QPS takes all complaints of police brutality very seriously and the complaint would have been thoroughly investigated even without media pressure.

Unfortunately this has not been the experience of Logan man Jordan Nash, who raised the issue of police brutality and false arrest at the Clontarf community cabinet forum in front of 300 people, the media, police, state and federal politicians on 2 December 2010. There has been no action on his complaint, no comment and no press conference. And despite a Right To Information application, CCTV footage of the incident continues to be suppressed.

Queensland Intelligence agents arrest and torture bullied schoolboy UPDATE (video 5) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8EQ-iYgT5w0

Jordan Nash being pushed into wall by SIB.png277.43 KB


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Re: Queensland Police Commissioner must disclose all police ...

I won a law suit against the QLD Police 2011 - it went on for over 6 years. If Ethical standards and the CMC had done thier job they would have found exactly what the judge did when he found in my favour ..the current system does not work for people according to both of those bodies my complaint was unsubstantiated - A judge awarded me $93,000 and I obvioulsy had to substantiate my claim no differently to the information Id given ethical standards and the CMC.

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