Nurses vs bossy boots Ballieu

Rank & File nurses here in Victoria Australia have now taken over their own struggle as their Union the ANF has been legally braked by "FairWork Australia" ...

8 am and 6pm daily there are community assemblies, meetings outside 15 hospital sites.
Check out the nearest one to where your live, study or work and bring family, neighbours, friends, workmates.

Ambos (ambulance crews) and Firies (Fire fighters) and other unions now regularly show solidarity community, class wide support for the nurses.

Here is info about attempts by Victorian Hospitals Industry Association and Vic gov to try to censor nurses on facebook.

Here is the dreadfully offensive site that threatens public safety and democracy as we know it :-)

Media release from ANF about this gagging:

Campaign page with links to online petition:

Nurses hardship fund - nurses are being pay docked and face fines for walkouts.
Please send link and encourage people to donate here or do whip around in your office or worksite: