Ned Kelly Occupies Byron Bay

Ned Kelly, Australian bushranger and icon of the underdog, made a special appearance at an anti big banks and corporations action in Byron Bay on Sat 5th November.

Ned's message to the people was: " Move your money out of the big banks and put them in credit unions. I won't rob them and they won't rob you and your children's future by investing in toxic shit."

The Byron Bay Polite squad was also on had to record the crime scene, which was littered with the victims of banking malpractices. The action was part of a global day to highlight the role of big banks and their investment in unsustainable industries like uranium mining and coal seam gas.

As he was led away by the Polite squad, Ned was heard grumbling: " I always knew banks were unsafe as they were vulnerable to robbers like me, but these days the banks have become the bandits."

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This Youtube video is exactly what "they",the powers that be that is don't want you to know about, if your young atleast!If DeWeaver doesn't get respect from this, you don't know what's happening, straight up!

Ned Kelly was a murderer, horse thief and bank robber.You are silly people.