O'Connor exploits asylum deaths for political point scoring

They may as well have sunk the boat themselves. The ALP leadership is celebrating tonight at the news of six or more deaths of asylum seekers in Indonesian waters. Right at the time when their refugee policy(of human trafficking to Malasia) has been deemed illegal by the courts and when their circumvention legislation(separation of powers?) has failed to pass into law, the news of asylum-seeker deaths which were not in Australian waters was like an early Christmas present for these slimy scumbag politicians who without scruples immediately used this tragedy for political point scoring and to try to justify their own morally bankrupt policies. They made propaganda.
Brendan O'Connor's address sounded word for word like what I would have expected Tony Abbott to have said. In my opinion it was a disgraceful and very low act to call a press conference not merely to advise the public of the facts of this breaking news, but to effectively say "I told you so" and "this wouldn't have happened if our policy had got up".

I can't wait to hear what the opposition has to say about this. Well, actually I can. I already know, as I know Tony Abbott, the Liberals, Labor and politicians generally very well. Put simply, none of them give a shit about these dead people or the plight of asylum seekers generally, especially seeing as caring about asylum seekers is political suicide in a nation of ignorant selfish racists. Political power is the prize awarded to the least principled, for they will always sell out their own conscience for votes.