Call out made to Occupy Australia: People of the world rise up on October 15th!

As the Occupy Wall St protests continue to spread, a call out has been made for Melbourne, Brisbane , Perth, Adelaide and both a rally and occupation in Sydney to join the global day of action United for Global Change on October 15th. Regional centres are now joining with events announced in Townsville, Cairns and Bryon Bay. Occupy Melbourne has stated the aim of "NON-VIOLENTLY sending a message to the financial sector worldwide. Australia too is under the same bind of freedom because of monetary policy and corporate greed. Show your support for Occupy Wall Street! Occupy Australia!!!" The day is an attempt to unite the struggle by ordinary people around the world for a true democracy. A democracy where the needs of the majority of people is put before the profits and privileges of the few. A world united under the banner of solidarity, workers and human rights, peace and environmental justice. It is time for Australia to join the global movement that has seen non-violent mass protests and uprising against both military dictators and the dictators of capital in Greece, Yemen, Chile, Egypt, Tunisia, Israel, USA, Spain, Portugal, Libya, Syria, Bahrain, the UK and beyond. It’s time for us to unite. It’s time for them to listen.
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The relevance of such an anti-corporate, anti-capitalist demonstration to Australia cannot be doubted. Does anyone seriously believe that Australian democracy is currently structured to support the needs of the majority rather than protect the interests of the few?

    This is a country where a few multi-national mining companies orchestrated the sacking of a serving Prime Minister to avoid the paying a mining tax. BHP recently announced a profit of $22 billion dollars.
  • This is a country where our climate change policy includes compensating the worst and biggest corporate polluters billions of dollars.
  • This is a country where the cost of housing is out of reach for so many people in both the rental and private markets, whilst large developers, banks and speculators make billions in profits.
  • This is a country where the cost of living continues to rise as people pay more and more for their basic utilities as private corporations rake in profits in the electricity, gas and telecommunications sectors.
  • This is a country that is still at war,10 years after invading Afghanistan despite the majority of Australians opposing the war.
  • This is a country where the suppression of workers rights continues under both the Federal ALP and Coalition and where wages for ordinary people continue to stagnate.
  • This is a country where the environment whether it be in the Kimberleys or the forests of NSW, Victoria or Tasmania is constantly sacrificed on the altar of corporate profits
  • This is a country where Indigenous people are still being oppressed and subject to assimiliationist policies so mining companies can access the resources on their land
  • This is a country where education is increasingly expensive and user-pays as students have to work harder and accrue massive debts.
  • This is a country where both major parties seek to divide us from the real problems we face and turn our anger on defenceless asylum seekers who we lock up in gulags.

It’s time for us to unite. It’s time for them to listen.

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Are you sick of the corporate governed society in which we now live? Have you been laid off due to the banks self-perpetuated financial meltdown? Are you struggling to make ends meet as a result of this corrupt system? Do you believe in fighting for your rights? Then its time to join the Global Revolution – millions of people worldwide have protested for their rights as human beings of this planet... and have changed the way of the future – its time we in Australia get off our couches, put down our VB’s and join the rest of the world in fighting for our rights and the rights of our fellow human beings. Take a stand. Come and march with us on Saturday October 15th 2011. The whole world will be in revolt on this day – let’s show the worlds rich and greedy 1% that we, the 99%, are where the power truly lies. Remember, the strongest point of the pyramid is but at its base. This will be a time where you can voice your thoughts and opinions, say what you have wanted to say, and stand up for your rights to do so.

This protest, as with the many others occurring all around the world, is multifaceted, with many issues being discussed and voiced. It is time now to let us know what you want to fight for on this day. Just as important as it is to fight for our rights, showing love and gratitude for life will balance this protest, so let’s not fuel it with anger, fear and hatred, but lets put a positive spin on it with words of harmony and peace. This is the difference between the wagers of war and the peaceful protesters. Kindness and love are met equally with kindness and love. This is the way of the future.

Call out to Occupy Brisbane on Meetup

We are peaceful citizens from all walks of life looking to occupy Brisbane until change occurs. (More to come) Gaining our genesis from 'Occupy Wall St', we believe financial institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies.

Go here for more information on the birth of Occupy Wall St -

Following the principles of Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jnr & Jesus - Not Bush / Obama, Napoleon & Caesar.

We're currently are in our embryonic stage of development.

We'll ALWAYS remain peaceful and respectful of all political persuasions, working with Police & the people of Brisbane.

"We simply propose a directly democratic and non-hierarchical social situation where neither capital nor the state determine the way we live or how society functions - that is what would be ideal. In other words, a real democracy in which we consciously and collectively determine social life. This is incompatible with both capitalism and state socialism - both of which produce economic and political monopolies."

5 Tips for occupation:

Occupy Perth Press Release Oct 11th

Plans for peaceful #occupywallstreet inspired gatherings in Perth are advancing in the wake of the success of Wall Street demonstrations going viral. With more than 800 twitter followers and over 500 facebook “likers” the #occupyperth is similarly gaining momentum.

We are announcing a PEACEFUL gathering at Forrest Chase, Perth City, October 15th in support of similar “occupy” actions worldwide on this day. We have for example received direct communication from #occupywallstreet #occupymanchester #occupyhouston #occupymelbourne as well as dozens of others taking action on this day.

Further to this, we are joining the CHOGM Action Networks protest on the 28th October.

For what do we gather? What do #occupyperth people have in common with the “99%” in the USA (and around the world)?

It is around the following questions/concerns that we are primarily focused;

* Why is it that the wealthiest 20% of Australians own 61% of the wealth, while the poorest 20% own 1% of the wealth?
* Why does our government spend $21b per year on defense, when we face no threat from any other country?
* Why is it that there are 925 million undernourished people in the world today (one in seven) while the US government spends more than US$1trillion a year on its war budget?
* Why are thousands of asylum seekers (4335 adults and 872 children in July 2011) imprisoned in Australian detention centres for the ‘crime’ of fleeing persecution?
* Why does one corporation (Murdoch’s New Corp Ltd) own 70 percent of this country’s print media?
* Why do corporations in Australia and internationally continue to have the relatively unchecked “right” to have the “externalities” of their business operations result in environmental degradation and human and animal exploitation?
* Why are these questions rarely raised in the mainstream media (and avoided by our politicians)?

Further details –

Web –

Background Information

Occypy Wall St Background



The movement is gaining momentum after a week and a half and Occupy movements are popping up all over the country! Stand up together and use your voice to give to those without. Tax the rich and feed the poor- you are the 99%! See my Occupy Wall Street painting and Anonymous homage on my artist’s blog at where you can also see videos of the protests and police brutality as well as get other sources for real coverage of the movement.

The 15th is a bad day for me. Hair appointment. Any chance of the following week?

We're organizing an occupation in Iowa for the same day, so will be in solidarity with you! We are on Facebook: Occupy Iowa See you on YouTube!

Stephen, Well done on your happy life, I really hope things go well for you in the future. Just a side note, how many times in this paragraph have you referred to yourself. Its seems you have a nasty case of I-disease. You don't change society by focusing on your own individual needs ( well done for taking care of those), the individual forget him/herself and does something for the community (its called sharing and its holds groups together). Do we really want to hear how amazing Murdoch is for starting a newspaper in Adelaide ('The News') all by himself and then buying another one, and another ( how well this worked for him, so everyone should follow)? Take yourself out of the middle of the picture. If you can motivate others in a non-egotistical way we will be more impressed by your success story, rather than look at me I'm the shit... Maybe you can come to the occupation to offer get out of debt advise, or will you sit at home feeling smug instead. For the record I'm also loving my life, but not because of my material gains, but because the rewards are not the journey. I still respect your opinion, Shane

Hey Shane Stephen did give advice on what investments to make and how to do it.He shares information with his friends and us.Stephen well done for beating the system don't worry about people like Shane you will always get knockers because you have done well for yourself and they have wasted their time and money and pay dead rent because a lack of motivation and brains.

I like Australia the way it is. I own two houses through hard work(you should all try it)the price of my houses have doubled things are looking good where I stand I drive a GT Falcon Manual(Hangs grouse burn outs) I am happy I got all this by working for a boss as a tradie.So this Friday and Saturday night start saving your money instead of going to the pud or buying drugs and you too will be able to have a happy life like me.

Amen. I can't believe how ignorant people must be to think the distribution of wealth in Australia demonstrates any of the gap in America. If anything this protest for the sake of a protest is demeaning to the cause in America.

Lame excuses, mate! You want us to sit around and wait till it gets worse here? BTW, the Occupy Wall Street peeps have indicated that they welcome our support.

your taxes fund a government which is a virtual uranium factory for the globalist military industrial complex. Americas derangedly obedient younger warmonger brother, thats what a docile australian public answerable to the corporatocracy is. morally a prostitute for greed. they've taken your voice away and given you convenience, and slowly your brain turns to mush. if uncle sam says so it must be true. you keep studying your navel there. your life owns you. you have the illusion of freedom. and when it comes to being free of our complicity to moral abuses such as deformed babies in iraq and afganistan, economic take over in greece, ireland, egypt, iceland, italy etc. your minimal outlook trades this freedom away to possess the illusion of freedom to own cars and houses. freedom to stand for the truth is the only truth worth having. they are few... we are many.

You don't get it do you, the enemy is the Banks they run the world look at what they did to Ireland,Greece,Iceland and Italy is next. The World bank and the IMF took over Argentina, Tanzania and Bolivia.Make the bank work for you like I did now I have some place to live pressure free no rent and my other rental house pays for gas water electricity and rates I still work to buy things I enjoy.

Now I can try to fix the world LOL,I have been to the Max Brenner protests I feel strong about what Israel is doing to Palestine,and how Zionism controls Banks ,the media ,America and the world, I also speak out about climate change on how we are all been conned, before you all go off your tree at me, Remember one thing about man he is motivated by two things sex and money so climate change has nothing to do with sex it's about money so follow the money trail and it will lead you back to the banks they have turned carbon into a commodity it is the banks like citibank,Goldman and sachs that will make big bucks out of this scam,Thats why I bought the thirstiest V8 I could find and made it thirstier thats my protest to carbon tax and man made climate change.

You talk about freedom I have created my own freedom I work for me not the bank or a land Lord, unless you live on the street or still live with Mum you work to pay rent or a mortgage you are not free can you tell your boss to jam his job without going hungry or being kicked out on the street? I can, that gives me freedom to stand for truth.

I agree with most of what you say I just think you need to put your self in a place that you feel free to do as you please owning two properties that the bank payed for most of, makes me feel like I beat the system that has fucked over Greece Iceland and Ireland and now free to take on injustices in the world.

I think if you turn old and have no place to live, or call your own it will turn your brain to mush because of the stress of finding accommodation , that's the way I feel and everyone is different I know, but thats just me.

Your comment is hilarious and saddening, I somewhat read the majority of it as sarcasm in disbelief.
"Make the banks work for you" what would happen if everyone did this? Capitalism cannot provide equality for all and if your smart enough to "work" the system to the way you want, your smart enough to realise this. So I guess one could question your moral values and the worth of your space on this planet.
As for your whole disbelief of climate change and your "protest" towards it, your an absolute moron. Quit listening to Alan Jones, start reading what the majority of the best scientists in the world are saying, start reading academic papers and research beyond mainstream media or conspiracy theories on youtube.
As for your "freedom" you have none, don't kid yourself, the fact you can be arrested for J walking, swearing in public, protesting for human rights, protesting for environmental protection, etc shows you have no freedom, the fact they want to bring in pledges to school children, the fact education costs and the fact not everyone can get health care shows the current system only works for the wealthy and the fact not everybody can be wealthy is a PROBLEM.
How about the fact that there is enough food thrown out each day in the world to feed the world almost TWICE yet we still have hundreds of millions of starving children and adults around the world. If you fix the problem of poverty, you fix the bigger problem of overpopulation BEFORE its a problem.
The fact our government went and is still in two illegal wars after the majority of people in this country oppose both wars, shows a lack of democracy and freedom. What has come from these wars? Hundreds of thousands of innocent lives claimed, war torn countries, rapes, tortures, birth defects, thousands of limbless innocent, a rise in islamic fundamentalism, both Iraq & Afghanistan have increasing attack and crime rates ALL FOR OIL, to feed your "super thirsty V8".
The environment has its rights, just like animals, genders, races, sexual orientations, class etc, discrimination is discrimination, capitalism discriminates for profit and a slow cycled progress, especially the working class and environment/animals. It's an unsustainable system with an inevitable end, it's just when we choose to progress from the system to how messy the end of it will be, I'm sure when western countries do decide to make the transition, you will see how little freedom and how little democracy these countries really have.
Also humans are not motivated by sex and money. We are motivated by fear and hope, both of these stem into many things, such as security, which is what "money" is said to provide. We are not motivated by sex either but to reproduce, there is a difference between the enjoyment and the purpose of.

You got no idea how it works have you, the bank doesn't lose out the price of houses go up and if you have more than one house you negative gear the second house and you get tax breaks from that but it is the increase in price of real estate that you make your money from no one loses out, what would happen if every one did this you ask, thats easy to answer there would be no one to rent the houses but that will never happen because there a knuckle heads like you that can't see a good thing when you are looking at it and there a people that waste their money on piss and drugs and other stupid shit so they can't get into the housing market but what I do will never change that.can you tell me what moral values I have broken the price of things go up e.g The price of the average house in 1975was $45,000 and a GT falcon was $4,500 that same house is worth $650,000 and the GT falcon is worth $70,000 it's called investment the people that buy that house now will be happy and the person that buys the GT falcon will love every minute he drives it where is the moral issue here bearing in mind the price of house will always go up no matter how many I own.
I will tell you about a GT falcon I bought in 2001 it was a XB GT I paid $3000 for it no one wanted them then, but I could see that XB falcons were getting fewer on the road and knew they would be worth a bit in the future I also liked the car I repainted it rebuilt the Engine gear box and diff I spent $15000 onit It was a good car to drive when I finished it In 2007 the price of these cars went through the roof (nothing to do with me) then one day in 2009 I Bloke knocked at my door and offered me $85,000 for the car I said no because I realy liked the car two months latter he came back and offered me $90,000 I said no again thinking that I would not see him again but about six weeks latter he came back again and offered me $95,000 for the car I said to him why do you want the car so badly for he said when he was a kid his dad had one the same colour with the same trim and the rare 1/4 vent windows the bloke was almost in tears he wanted it that bad I said "look mate I payed $3000 for it in 2001 and did it up myself you can have it for $70,000 he hugged me and started crying He still comes around to my place today and we talk GT falcons all night Did I do any thing immoral here? I just seen before every body what was going to happen to the prices of GT falcons.To show I'm not a greedy person here is a investment tip for you, Porsche 928's are selling for between $10,000 AND $20,000 Today, I have just bought 3 of them(make sure they are in good condition and Australian delivery) they were $250,000 in 1989 these cars will be worth over $150,000 when in about 6 to 10's some more tips buy silver and sell in 5 years you will do well and how about Gold I bought in at $380 a oz we are at about $1800 a oz now, I will sell at $2300 0R in 2014 what ever comes first, should I question my moral values when I try to tell as many people as I can so they too can make some cash and all this will happen if I'm in or out it's called investment for the future.You say "the fact education costs and the fact not everyone can get health care shows the current system only works for the wealthy and the fact not everybody can be wealthy is a PROBLEM" and you are right, I am going to make sure I can look after my family and give them the things they need such as a education and health care whats the problem with that?

The comments about the wars I agree with except it is about oil.Oil is only partly right the big push for war came from the Zionists to make Israel safe to commit war crimes on Muslims and for the Zionists to make money through weapons, they own these companies check it out, and the Zionists that run the banks like the Rothscild family that make a packet out of financing these wars the same family that is making a packet out of climate change suckers.
I did not say humans are motivated by sex and money, I said Men are,and they do rule the world like it or not.Now I know you are a woman because you disagree with this point it's a man thing that woman can not understand.
You also say "We are not motivated by sex either but to reproduce, there is a difference between the enjoyment and the purpose of" tell that to the gay community, but I do agree with you and are against men marrying men because two men can not have sex only sodomy.

I apologise for attacking you but this system is still broken and thats what this movement is about, its about raising awareness of the atrocities that are happening and will continue to happen in the world today unless change is made. Whilst I appreciate your efforts to help me be a more successful businessman, I would prefer not to be because I believe it has a negative contribution towards human progression at the moment and draws away the possibility of others being able to have basic commodities.
If your against the suppression of Palestinians, against the two illegal wars this country is in, against the pesticides that are all through our food supply, against coles and woolworths owning 70% of the market, against the mass destruction of the environment, against the oil companies drilling recklessly with devastating effects (Gulf Spill, Niger oil floods etc), against biased media, against discrimination, against class discrimination, against the cost of education, against the cost of health care, against the lack of social support, against our privatised correction centers, against indefinite asylum seeker lock ups, against our governments strong support for the American government... this list goes on and on. You shouldn't be surprised how much the corporate world plays a part in all this, because when you look at it, its all problems corporations are making.
As a collective we can make change, that's what this movement is about, fortunately enough Australia is quite well off at the moment, unfortunately this brings ignorance and a blind eye to what is really happening. Remember though, you can prepare for a secure life all you like but within a split of a second it could all be gone and your $10,000 odd dollars worth of silver won't get you much in the scheme of things. Capitalism cannot bring you security, especially where its at at the moment. Research into these things, Noam Chomsky, Howard Zinn, Zizek even Einstein... few names to help you start.
Your last two comments almost make me want to disregard my apology, not even going to comment on the "women don't understand" statement. (I'm a male btw)
I didn't imply that about sex and the gay community, I was talking about it in context of advertising, sex sells etc. I'm all for gay marriage.
Save your time with a reply if its just going to be about cars and how to make money, I'm sorry but I have little interest in either and I think its besides the whole point of this.

Chomsky was influenced by being a part of a Hebrew-based, Zionist organization.Both Chomsky and Howard Zinn were Jews that pretended to oppose Israel But never once said Israel should be given back to Palestine they never really said how bad Israel was and is ,they are Zionist plants to Hide what Israel really does they are were both frauds to help hide how bad Israel is how dumb can you be

Slavoj Žižek is that nut case that was on Q and A the other night he is a nutter that can't keep still, I know a loony when I see one this bloke is as mad as a hatter,He is arrogant and rude If you disagreed with him he would be the type of person that would cut your throat. I could not stand to be in the same room as this Weirdo
Einstein married Elsa Löwenthal (née Einstein) on 2 June 1919, after having had a relationship with her since 1912. She was his first cousin maternally and his second cousin paternally.Einstein is another Weirdo

Wake up man take a good look at the nutters and con artist you look up to

Zinn and Chomsky are not Zionists, they both oppose the suppression of Palestine. Read into them, they are not working on some secret new world order for jewish people. They are wrong at times, like anybody, but I would prefer to listen to them then some conspiracy theory on youtube.
Zizek, yes arrogant, but he's an intelligent man, again a man with contradictions and flaws, like any man. Again I suggest you actually read essays and books of his before you dismiss him as a looney who goes around killing people by his accent and characteristics, that only shows your arrogance. Q&A would give him little time to open up, that show still debates about whether religion should be in politics and climate change. Oh wait, you and your denial of climate change, maybe all this money your making buying silver and selling cars will give your kids and grandchildren enough money to somehow bring you back to life in 100 years from now and say "hey dad, that thirsty V8 of yours and all its pollution and oil it consumed, well yeah, you were a contributing factor to the fact the planet is now fucked, the fact the resources we need to stay alive are now gone."
According to you, anyone with intelligence is a looney or zionist. Please, share some of the none looney, zionist people who you follow.

I am not a sheep I follow no one I think for my self do you think I need people to tell me that Israel are a pack of Terrorists?Chomsky and Zinn would never say that because they are pushing for a two state solution when Israel should be dismantled and you tell me they are not Zionists, it is as obvious as the nose on a Zionists face they are Zionists they even went in to bat for Obama that was backed by the Zionists check it out for yourself.
"Q&A would give him little time to open up",Zizek tried to take over Q&A they could not shut him up, don't speak rubbish, the bloke has no manners and is arrogant that makes him stupid.Did you check out the way he kept touching his face pulling on his shirt and twitching the bloke is a looney.You did not comment on your cousin Fucker hero Einstein don't tell me he's not a sicko you look up to strange people.
You talk about Intelligence people like Benz and Daimler ,Bosch,Wankle the Wright brothers they were intelligent no Zionist in that lot or what about Thomas Edison he ran the Zionist out of the New York film industry because they played the victim and use film to push their sick agendas and stole his invention the motion picture camera off him they then moved to California and started Hollywood to distance themselves from Edison and the Law. Mohammed Ali was a great man that fought for what he thought was right and put every thing on the line for his beliefs and with the passage of time was proved right not to go to Vietnam I may not follow him but do admire him for having the guts to stand up for what was right all these people did more for the world than the Zionists and loonies and sickos you mention

How did you possibly bring this back to cars? All you are doing is showing your arrogance to all Jews, to anyone a bit out of character to the norm and to actually try to find solutions for the problems we face. Again, Chomsky and Zinn are not Zionists.
Why would they both want the immediate withdrawal from both Afghanistan and Iraq, meaning less American control in the middle east, meaning less "zionist" control in the middle east. Zinn has done many great things for mankind, has worked for peoples rights the majority of his life, to say he was just some zionists mastermind is pathetic, narrow minded and shows how little you actually fucking research.
All believe in a post capitalist society for human progression, some form of socialism, why would Zionists want the means of production and distribution owned by the people? Why would Zionists want the power given to the people? Half the names you gave me were German, should I assume because of their heritage that they are all Nazis? No offense but your are a fucking moron.

I don't think that indigenous Australians like this country the way it is.
And they're clearly not alone in that sentiment...

Stephen, while I understand you not wanting to rock the boat while things are seemingly going well for you, I too was in your situation only 5 years ago. A few poor decisions mixed with some bad timing and I nearly lost everything, including my family. You are obviously young and haven't learnt just how deep the hole is we have let ourselves be pushed into. I would suggest you stop being a dick and open your eyes.

Mongo I Started work at 15 I bought my first house at 18 it was a run down shit hole I paid $135,000 for it in 2000 I fixed it up and done the garden 4 years later I refinanced it at put a deposit on another house that was a shit hole, done that one up in six months I made $100,000 on the second one, then I built a town house in the back yard.In 2007 I bought my forth house another shit hole done that one up too,had all the houses rented out and I lived in the new town house.In 2010 I sold all four properties for 2.2 million paid the bank what I owed an was left with $1,350,000 after capital gains then I paid cash for two houses I bought a nice house on 5 acres which I live, I then bought another shit hole and done it up and are renting it out.I then went and bought the GT falcon I always wanted it has 365 KW at the rear wheels and I still got money in the bank which I invested in gold and I owe nothing. I am 30 years old next month.
I am going to be married to a girl I met at an investment seminar she has 4 houses and we have agreed to sign a pre-nuptial agreement in case the shit hits the fan.

Any body can do what i did I stated with nothing got no hand outs from anyone. property is the way to make money, working just pays the bills.I put a few of my friends onto investing in properties, one of my mates has ten houses.To anyone who is reading this my advice to you is "go for it" houses double every seven years it is never too late to jump on,you just got to stay off the piss and drugs and save a deposit and keep the ball rolling.

So Mongo who has their eyes closed? I sold up and cashed in playing it safe,Mongo I will always be a dick, a clever Dick that is!

Just remember this, in Australia it's all out there for the taking you just got to get off your arse and take it.

Well, Mr. Clever Dick, I just have one question. If we all follow your advice and invest in real estate, who is going to rent them? Doesn't add up!

Valkyrie the people who will rent houses is people that have no guts to have a go,people who like to whinge and do nothing to better them selves,Divorced Men that their wife has taken every thing,People that have lost their houses because their business has gone tits up.Young people that are starting out,Some people just rent houses to grow dope in (have had two of them),New Australians starting out,overseas students,People saving for their first home etc etc.

Valkyrie you must have a positive attitude and set goals for yourself try it see what happens.If you are in debt make your fist goal to save and pay off your debt when that is done your next goal is get a deposit remember you may be in line for a first home owners grant once you get that first house wait for equity to build up and refinance to get the next deposit for your next house then do the same thing on the second and third and so on you will have no problem renting out the houses there are always 20 people min going for the same house to rent and you pick who you think will be the best tenants

Valkyrie please think about it.I get people asking me how can I go overseas every year how can I afford to drive a good car where do I get my money from, and I tell them how I did it I point them in the right direction to get finance I have had a lot of my friends do it,I just get a buzz out of watching people get ahead in life, make the Bank work for you not you work for the bank remember you are never too old or young to start just be smart on what properties you buy if you are not it is still hard to lose.A house in 2011 that costs $550,000 will be worth $1,100,000 in 2018 just remember only fools buy one house.

Sorry Stephen B, but this system we live in is a pyramid system owned by banks & corporations. In a pyramid system there will always be a majority of people at the bottom few levels that will never be in a position to purchase land/property. It is people, like yourself, purchasing more than you need that help push rents unnecessarily high. And its just a house of cards.
Saying that most renters are lazy, or stupid or drug users & dealers is just ignorant & a logically ridiculous statement to make.
Besides that, the whole system where our government borrows money from a privately owned bank (The Reserve Bank of Australia) & charged interest that we pay through our tax is illegal according to the Australian Constitution & Common Law. In fact the ATO is an illegal entity.
The way our government, corporations & the banking system operate is all very illegal.
Every loan you get & pay interest on is adding to the problem which allows corporations to get away with crime & environmental destruction of our precious country & indeed, our whole planet.
Therefor it is unAustralian
And it is time for it to end.

If you hadn't noticed, this system as it is with it's core belief that we have infinite resources is driving all of us at full speed toward a big thick brick wall & is showing no signs of stopping..
It is time for it to stop & it is us all that can stop it.

A tip: You would be far wealthier (because in the new system you could purchase your house with far less cash in a far faster time-frame & you'd only need 1 house), as well as develop more moral fibre if you learned to become more altruistic by joining our community in this peaceful & inevitable revolution, rather than sit back & selfishly criticise those that have the courage to face humanity's biggest problem.

Try watching this & get yourself informed mate:

"Divorced Men that their wife has taken every thing,People that have lost their houses because their business has gone tits up.Young people that are starting out,Some people just rent houses to grow dope in (have had two of them),New Australians starting out,overseas students,People saving for their first home etc etc."

And you'll be right there to take advantadge of them huh.

Congratulations. You surely are someone to look up to.

I rent a house it is better than living on the street, we need people to rent houses so people like me have some where to live until I get back on my feet my land lord is a nice lady I have no problems with her and I don,t think I am taken advantage of thats business

Thank you Stephen for your advice, but I am just not that motivated by making money. One house is enough for me, and in having my own place it is the use of it for me as home that is important, not as an investment that could be used to acquire more property. Call me naive, stupid, idealistic or whatever else, but I want every human being to have the necessities for a decent life. There are enough resources on the planet to achieve this without degrading the environment and/or exploiting people.
Poverty is a structural problem, I believe that the culture of competition inherent in a globalized free market system brings out the worst aspects of human nature. It makes us into predators, forever putting our own interest ahead of the collective good. This system brutalizes all of us, whether we realize it or not. In order to discover the extent of its destructiveness and brutality we have to look very deeply into ourselves and all around us, and what we discover can be very painful. It is then much easier to take refuge in victim blaming or cynicism rather then facing up to the reality that there is something really wrong with the way things are. On another tangent, your anti- Chomsky, Zinn and Einstein rhetoric isn't all that original, I have come across it on certain websites. As well, ad hominem statements don't contribute much to a debate.

The philosopher Charles Taylor has argued that ad hominem reasoning is essential to understanding certain moral issues, and contrasts this sort of reasoning with the apodictic reasoning of philosophical naturalism.Am I the only one that sees Einstein as sick for marrying his cousin?the bloke has head problems you can't fuck your sister mother or cousins if you do you are sexually retarded sorry there is no adjusting my way of thinking on that topic the world should turn their backs on him or anyone else that participates in incest

you say"I believe that the culture of competition inherent in a globalized free market system brings out the worst aspects of human nature. It makes us into predators, forever putting our own interest ahead of the collective good. This system brutalizes all of us,whether we realize it or not.It also makes us strive for advancement to get ahead and come up with great ideas such as toilets that flush and fridges .If you look at cultures such as pacific Islanders no one has a mortgage land is passed down no shops people live in grass huts and go to the toilet on the beach no one needs money they catch fish eat bread fruit and coconuts there are no fridges so fish is salted to stay good no one drinks cold drinks, every one looks after each other and they are happy but people die young Hospitals and doctors are not good people don't have many material things.Not much gets done people are on Island time, not much to look forward to only feasts and parties the incentive to advance yourself is not there because of the lack of financial gain there are no old peoples homes, no homeless people ,every one gets looked after.I have lived on a Island like this for quiet a few years,to me it was sad to see people that had great minds go to waist some very brilliant people there but no opportunity for them to use their brilliant minds I am talking very smart people that just fade away because they don't have money to drive them that is sad.The Islands are recession proof the GFC does not touch places like this people do not starve or are homeless, pressure is zero but I missed our way in my eyes you can set goals to achieve we have all the mod cons like computers Tv and air con things like this get invented by people to make it rich it's a dog eat dog world and I love it I am a competitive person without that life just waists away.

Don't you want to travel you can't do that without money and that is the biggest education there is I have experienced many cultures and Australian culture is the best.I payed for a mate of mine I met in a village in the central Pacific to come to Australia this bloke had not seen a mountain a river the only animal he had seen was a pig,chicken and dog and one type of bird Australia spun this bloke out it was great to see his face when he seen things he had never seen before.We went into Coles and he wanted his photo taken in front of the fruit and veg stand to him this was the pinnacle of wealth surrounded by food.Every year I bring someone from remote places to Australia just for the fun of it.When I was in Mongolia I met up with a bloke and his wife that took me in and looked after me for 4 months they fed me on goats milk and cheese and other thing I have never heard of these people were poor and gave me there last bit of food, money is not much use in the middle of nowhere, when I was ready to return to Australia I bought them back with me these people could not speak English and I only knew a few words of theirs we drove from Brisbane to Sydney to Melbourne and then Adelaide in the GT falcon when we landed in Brisbane the first thing we did was get some cloths they picked out what they wanted have you ever seen a Mongolian bloke in white pants purple shirt and yellow shoes what a scream the look on their faces when I booted the GT falcon was priceless I think they have never been in a car before they stayed here for only two months because they had to get back to their goats we still keep in touch through a translator who writes letters for them it was only when I got a translated letter did I know they thought they were going to die in the car they also said they never thought they would see such things in their lives like big buildings and so much food in the shops they have never seen before,They said they would never forget me as long as they live and will never forget them, their favourite food was KFC we spent most of the time laughing at each other because we did not have a clue what we were saying to each other.So you see money is a great thing and Australia is a great place you got no idea how good we got it.

Me and my Missus are going to go to south America next February to the Amazon river I'm going to find someone there to bring back to Australia my missus thinks I'm nuts, but I want to share this country with people who I know won't get the chance ever in their lives see how we live. Greed of money can be used for good too

Stephen, you really do assume a lot. I have travelled a lot, lived in other countries and speak several languages. When you describe your contacts with your Mongolian and Pacific Islander friend as if they were your pets it sounds rather patronizing to me. It smacks of colonialist attitudes, and if behaving in a disrespectful manner to people from other cultures is all that you can do with your spare money and big note yourself about it, then I feel quite concerned for your friends.

Valkyrie you take it all too serious when I'm in the Pacific all my mates hang it on me because I can't climb a coconut tree or throw a fishing net they laugh and say white man would die if they were left alone,they call me their white man, the racist comments they make about me are taken in good fun, then when they come here it is pay back time they take it in good fun too, when we return to the Island with photos and video the whole Village has a laugh even my mate laughs at himself it's all about having a good time.When my mate was here in Australia we were at a carnival I asked him if he wanted something to eat he said what will we eat I looked around and said we will get some hot dogs he said O/K when I came back with the hot dogs he looked at it and looked at me and said "we don't eat this part of the dog on the Island"I fell on the ground laughing then when I explained what a hot dog was he had laugh too.He told this story to the whole village when we got back, and everyone was screaming with laughter.Who wouldn't? I see people like you come to the Islands and say look at these poor people how can we help,That is what pisses them off, they tell me this, I just hang shit and treat them as mates and they love me for that. The problem here is you don't understand Island culture or Mongolian culture.

The philosopher Charles Taylor has argued that ad hominem reasoning is essential to understanding certain moral issues, and contrasts this sort of reasoning with the apodictic reasoning of philosophical naturalism."This was taken from Wikipedia I thought it was a fact not stealing someones Idea (Plagiarism) Please forgive me I am still getting used to the computer etiquette you can take the piss if you want I am used to it after living on the Islands.

"The philosopher Charles Taylor has argued that ad hominem reasoning is essential to understanding certain moral issues, and contrasts this sort of reasoning with the apodictic reasoning of philosophical naturalism."
You copied and pasted that sentence word for word without acknowledging the source and that is called plagiarism (yeah, go on and look it up in a dictionary. I became suspicious because that was the only sentence in your post that didn't contain grammatical and spelling errors. Tsk, tsk! If you want to plagiarize successfully you have to be very smart about it, or else you are found out to be a fraud and impostor.

Global warming is just another money scam by big banks to profit

We have companies like General Motors buying up forests to use a carbon off set in Brazil so they can keep making pollution, but the forests were already there so we know these forests are not enough to stop global warming now as usual the poor suffer watch the video here

Climate change is a scam for to make money we have to do something to stop this scam

Here's some more proof climate change is just a scam

WAKE UP don't fill the pockets of the Zionists

Ahahaha... And I suppose there is no pollution, and all our fresh water ways are still drinkable, and there is no overpopulation, and there is no deforestation, and no human is hungry.... Bahahahah!
You've taken conspiracy theories way too far mate... Ever tried sucking on a car's exhaust pipe? That carbon monoxide couldn't be doing anything on a finite planet, could it?

By the way, the richest people at the very top of this pyramid system we live in are NOT Jewish, as you're insinuating by using the term Zionist. They are not any particular religion, race etc, even if they themselves were to claim to be.. They are just selfish. Full stop.
Stop spreading propaganda.
It's high time we humans took responsibility for our own selfish actions & also made a stand to the top 1% & make real change.

There is pollution you are right, it does all the things you say but it does not cause global warming if we had a pollution tax thats fair but a carbon dioxide tax is a con to make the Zionist bankers richer,I'm just not buying that the carbon dioxide we breath out is causing global warming.There may be global warming but man is not the cause.Did you know that you can not gas yourself with a new Audi Because the cat converters have reduced the amount of CO to 0% I still won't suck on a Audi Exhaust it will burn my lips.
Don't get Jewish people as a whole confused with Zionism there is a difference there are a lot of Jewish people (God Bless them) that think Israel has no right to exist there are a lot of Jewish people who are anti Zionists.Zionists are selfish name one that is not.Tell me Zionists don't run the Media ,Hollywood ,The Banks,and America. Start thinking for yourself and stop playing the anti Semitic card people have woke up to that one Ninja Natty, it don't work any more we all see Zionist Israel for what they are Terrorists!

Just before you'll all go "overboard", please get the story right, damn !

Here is something to enlighten ppl. with an open mind:


I'm hearing you huxwell

So-called social media movements in the Middle East and North Africa have been applauded by western governments. Leaders of the so-called 'free world', including Barack Obama asked leaders of these nations to respect the will of the people, to respect their right to freedom of speech and the right to protest, and in many cases for national leaders to step down.

These social media movements are now happening across America with the Occupy Wall Street and Occupy America movements. The Brooklyn Bridge was blockaded by thousands of civil protestors coalesced by social media. They have had enough of the arbitrary indiscretions of the US government, Wall Street, the Bankers and the Multinationals.

What was the response of American authorities? - the same country that has asked other nations of the world to respect the will of their peoples, and who applauded the social media that urged on 'revolutions'. Their response was to arrest 700 protestors on Brooklyn Bridge.

The movement has spread across America and is spreading around the world, it is coming to Australia, with Occupy Australia and Occupy Perth during the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in late October.

Let us see how Australia, the USA and other western governments respond, especially after standing alongside the right of these movements in other nations. This movement is the most inspiring development since the Civil Rights movements in the USA and around the world during the sixties.

Gerry Georgatos

Just to let you know that, although we are a relatively small town, we are joining in with our loud, proud & free voices!
If you're in the Byron area join us on October 15th!

Here are some video links to REALLY stop the greedy corporations & their government puppets from taking away your rights...

Find out practical ways to really become a free person by understanding the simple principals of TRUST law.
Watch these 6 videos:

Also, find out how knowing you rights from the Australian Constitution & Common Law can help you (even with police infringements, bank loans, etc..)
Watch these videos Australian Constitution for Dummies 1_4 (warning: although these videos contain awesome & useful info, they also have a slightly right-wing, christian element to them. Still very informative & a necessary watch for any intelligent Australian citizen wanting to be free of corporate & government greed):

Enjoy & Viva La r3VOLution!

By Emma Ruby-Sachs at

Dear friends,

Thousands of Americans have taken over Wall Street -- joining a global movement from Madrid to Jerusalem to take back democracy from corrupt interests. If millions of us stand with them, we'll boost their spirits and show the media and leaders that this is no fringe movement. Click below to sign the petition - every signature will be counted on a giant live counter in the middle of the Wall St. occupation:

Thousands of Americans have non-violently occupied Wall St -- an epicentre of global financial power and corruption. They are the latest ray of light in a new movement for social justice that is spreading like wildfire from Madrid to Jerusalem to 146 other cities and counting, but they need our help to succeed.

As working families pay the bill for a financial crisis caused by corrupt elites, the protesters are calling for real democracy, social justice and anti-corruption. But they are under severe pressure from authorities, and some media are dismissing them as fringe groups. If millions of us from across the world stand with them, we'll boost their resolve and show the media and leaders that the protests are part of a massive mainstream movement for change.

This year could be our century's 1968, but to succeed it must be a movement of all citizens, from every walk of life. Click to join the call for real democracy -- a giant live counter of every one of us who signs the petition will be erected in the centre of the occupation in New York, and live webcasted on the petition page:

The worldwide wave of protest is the latest chapter in this year's story of global people power. In Egypt, people took over Tahrir Square and toppled their dictator. In India, one man's fast brought millions onto the streets and the government to its knees -- winning real action to end corruption. For months, Greek citizens relentlessly protested unfair cuts to public spending. In Spain, thousands of "indignados" defied a ban on pre-election demonstrations and mounted a protest camp in Sol square to speak out against political corruption and the government's handling of the economic crisis. And this summer across Israel, people have built "tent cities" to protest against the rising costs of housing and for social justice.

These national threads are connected by a global narrative of determination to end the collusion of corrupt elites and politicians -- who have in many countries helped cause a damaging financial crisis and now want working families to pay the bill. The mass movement that is responding can not only ensure that the burden of recession doesn't fall on the most vulnerable, it can also help right the balance of power between democracy and corruption. Click to stand with the movement:

In every uprising, from Cairo to New York, the call for an accountable government that serves the people is clear, and our global community has backed that people power across the world wherever it has broken out. The time of politicians in the pocket of the corrupt few is ending, and in its place we are building real democracies, of, by, and for people.

With hope,
Emma, Maria Paz, Alice, Ricken, Morgan, Brianna, Shibayan and the rest of the Avaaz team


Unions, students join Wall Street protesters (Businessweek)

Spanish youth rally in Madrid echoes Egypt protests (BBC)

Anti-austerity protesters block Greek ministries (Reuters)

Occupy Wall St - online resources for the occupation

Occupy Wall St primer (Washington Post)

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Australians are well off and apathetic. As a result few take the time to care about what is done in their name, what is happening in the world and what the future will be like with climate change. Trying to educate people about conspiracy or other ideas does not produce a broad based movement - activists need to propose simple ideas that appear as common sense and reasonable but fundamentally challenge the established order. Numbers are gathered and then by engaging in protest you cross a line that triggers a response from the status quo. There were large protests against the Iraq war - out of the thousands that marched if more had been willing to get arrested and be involved in symbolic acts of civil disobedience we could be living in a different country with a much more lively political discourse. I think its up to activists to take a leadership role in facilitating an 'outsider' consensus - this is not about exposing some secret truth that enlightens everybody - there is so much information out there that people could be educated on, stuff that is definitively provable without a need to talk about a zionist banking conspiracy.Whether Australia can produce an 'outsider' consensus or not will depend on many things, one of them will be whether activists can stop playing out ego trips and get their shit together.

Problem is like you said, most australians are quite apathetic at the moment. Politics in Australia is beyond a joke, our media covers the drunken dumbshow of our society and we see little of what is going on in the real world. Most Australians also probably have no problem with corporations because at the moment they are supplying us with the quick rewards and most have no idea of the consequences, nor want to know of these consequences, ignorance is bliss. America is in a depression, poverty is sky rocketing, they are spending trillions of dollars on war and cutting health and education benefits, its only now they realise all the other problems that are around. You think Australians with no real downfall at the moment will be able to see past the "conspiracy theory, zionist, corporations, hippy crap?" sadly I'm quite pessimistic about this, but it won't stop me from trying. The Sydney movement on facebook was made by the "Zeitgeist movement" thing, I mean thats almost a turn off for me to attend.
It should be advertised as a progressive movement, from gay rights and class discrimination to corporations and ending the two illegal wars this country is in. The more people who attend these events, the more people to discuss and talk about what each person is doing there, about the issues humanity face which our governments and people in power are not addressing. Problems the collective should be addressing, not people who want profit or power.
Sadly again, this comes back to whether or not Australians are ready for it, or if it will take an economic or environmental catastrophe for people to wake up. Ideally, we should be addressing the problems before the catastrophe but thats just another problem with humans eh...

Well, since you know how the movement should be and how to organize it for maximum impact and effectiveness, why don't you start doing it? Ahh, Australians are not ready for it. May be we should all wait until such time that they are ready. Ask yourself, are you ready for it? There is talk the talk, walk the talk, and walk the walk!

Gerry has written a huge piece on the movement and it is very interesting. I'll get the link. If Gerry is right the movement will bring about great changes. The man usually is right, he is the foremost thinker and commentator and aside the fact he is one hell of a human rights campaigner.

Gerry is wrong the movement will bring no change in Australia Mark My Words,I think the man is wrong most of the time you will see in time I am right and he is wrong.I find his human rights campaigning to be a touch racist towards white Australia.
These are my views so please don't delete /censor them I am not out to offend just to tell the truth

Have some balls and come out with it, the Zionist Jews Run the world and us dumb people work to make them richer,Who runs the banks?who runs wall street?who runs the media?Who runs America?Who runs the brain washing machine Hollywood?Who runs England?Who controls the Gold?who runs the Diamond industry?Who runs the rag trade?Who finances wars?Who is untouchable? Zionist Jews is the answer but you cant say that because they control what we can say about them.
Until you can work this out for yourselves nothing will change think for yourselves research the Zionist Jews and you will find the truth

Good grief, for a moment I thought I was back in Germany in the 1930's. Seriously, I have wondered many times how the holocaust was ever allowed to happen, but I am getting some insights lately. Rather chilling!

There we go speak out about crimes Zionism or Israel commit and someone pulls the Holocaust out of their arse.
Are you talking about the Jewish Bolshevik Holocaust on Christians where 60,000,000 Christian people died or are you taking about the Nazi Holocaust I think the number is down from 6,000,000 to 3,000,000 since Aushwitz reduced it's numbers to 1,500,000 people in 1989?

Your hateful reply only reinforces my suspicion that you are motivated by racism and bigotry. I would recommend a basic course in critical thinking, so you won't have to rely on dodgy websites for your information and have yourself whipped up into an antisemitic frenzy. Go and occupy yourself and reflect how your nasty attitude contributes to the problems the world faces.

If I am motivated by Racism what race am I racist against?you haven't been reading dodgy web sites that says Jewish Zionism is a race there are Ethiopian Zionist jews, Arab Zionist jews, Polish Zionist jews,Russian Zionist jews each of these are of different races open your eyes and grow a brain.
You can not speak out about terrorist Israeli Zionists without people like you playing the antisemitic card and launching character assassination on the person that has woke up to what Zionists are doing to the world.Not all Jews are Zionists so not all jews are bad there are some Jews that speak out against Zionism and Israel you can't call them antisemitic so you launch a character assassination attack on them and you label them self hating Jews because they have the guts to speak the truth about Zionism and Israel.I love Jewish people I just hate Zionist Jews because of what they stand for Zionism has hijacked the Jewish religion for their own evil purposes and most people are awake to that now,thats why we have people all over the world Boycotting goods that have a bar code that starts with 729 it shows they are a products of the Terrorist state of Israel.
My motivations are to stand up and fight Zionism and Israel because of the war crimes they commit and because zionism runs wall street, banks ,and the Global economy and have made us all slaves to them.The time has come to break the rule they have had over the Global economy for the last few hundreds of years, so call me what you want put whatever label you want on me call me racist I don't care I will keep telling as many people as I can about the Israel Zionists and how they are Satan,thieves, murderers and terrorists.

Can I ask you a question? why do you defend Zionism is it because you are a Zionist? or do you believe what the Zionists have brainwashed you to believe?