A message from the queen of Australia

By Graeme Taylor

Dearest subjects, loyal or not, citizens of Australia,

Since inheriting my position in 1953, I have seen many changes in the world, and in my Realm. I've seen Nelson Mandela sent to prison, released from prison, and to then become president of an independent South Africa.

Many of the British Colonies from 1953 have moved to self-determination and have come of age as Sovereign Nations.

It has been a great honour to be able to help to facilitate these processes, when requested by the peoples of these nations.

It too has been gratifying that these independent Nations choose to remain as members of the British Commonwealth of Nations.

Canada and New Zealand continue with settling matters from their Treaty Instruments with their native peoples, so that now, at least, many historical injustices are gaining further resolution.

It has not all been smooth sailing, but things are on the improve for many of the peoples of my Realm. There remains however, one big failing in the administration of my role.

I remember with great affection, when I had the opportunity to invest Sir Douglas Nicholls with the Governorship of South Australia, nearly fifty years ago now. It has been a source of much frustration, that since that time, more remedial actions have not been forthcoming for the First Australians.

I may be your Sovereign, your Majesty, your Head of State, your Ruler, and even the Supreme Head of the Church of England, but I am not a magician.

What can I do, as Sovereign?" has haunted me for much of my reign.

Just as it is true that the lack of any legal instruments of recognition for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples, by way of Treaties with the British Crown, is of great detriment to indigenous people's rights and well being in Australia, such a lack of a Treaty or Treaties, also means that settlered Australia exists contrary to British Instruction, as has even been determined by your Highest Court.

Presently, The Commonwealth of Australia is totally dependent on the good grace of The British Crown, even as it exists contrary to British Law.

I have long wished that there was something I could do. The Australian Government suggested a separate Title as Queen of Australia. Check. Has that helped? No.

The appropriate course of action, I believe, is for the Sovereign First Nations of Australia to present me with their authority to be recognised as the Sovereign Peoples of the lands known as Australia.

As monarch, it is not common practice on my part, to hint to peoples of the colonies, as to what needs to be requested to gain recognition of their sovereignty from me. I am taking this unusual step only after various failed attempts to clarify with whom it is, that I am to recognise as the true Sovereigns of Australia.

I was particularly disappointed in your former Prime Minister, who flew to Canada to persuade the Canada Government, and spoke to the New Zealand Prime Minister too, to vote against the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

How embarrassing that three of the four nations to vote against this declaration were members of my Realm. This same ex prime ministrator of Australia said that issues of Sovereignty were a threat, if they were to vote in favour of such a Declaration, but did he ask his Sovereign? Well hello? The temerity of the man.

I have subsequently addressed the General Assembly to assert my endorsement of the Instruments of the United Nations.

Fortunately, the Harper Government in Canada, and the Key Government of New Zealand have now endorsed this UN instrument after working through the contexts of this Declaration as it interfaces with the legal ramifications of their existing Treaties.

Australia, however, is different. The Sovereignty of Australian lands was wrongly assumed by the British Crown, according to the High Court of Australia, and the just resolution is for my role as the Monarch, Head of State, Ruler and Sovereign of the lands known as Australia to be returned to its rightful owner.

Rather than simply resign, leaving a vacuum, I am duty bound, to hand across, by way of a Treaty agreement, the roles and responsibilities of my representatives in Australia, to a credible sovereign entity representing the First Nations of Australia.

To be so, such an entity needs to gain its status in a manner outside of the legal instruments of the Commonwealth of Australia. Such an entity can have links to broad representative bodies that are subject to Australia's legal system, which would be indicative of broad Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander support, but not the entity itself.

For nearly forty years now, there has been an Aboriginal Embassy, but that, by itself, does not meet the necessary criteria, but is an essential ingredient to the overall package.

The Offices of my representatives, the Governors and Governor General, will, at the point of transition, be determined by First Nations Australians, offering "assent" to any new legislation of Australia's Governments, as they see fit.

My conditions for handover, are that all existing legislation in Australia, and its Constitution will remain the same, subject to its own referenda and interpretation for an initial ten year period, and modified thereafter, when in accord with UN instruments.

All that changes with this hand over of Sovereignty, is the entity that gives "royal assent" to legislation, and since the roles of my representatives in Australia are otherwise largely ceremonial, they are unnecessary when the Welcome to Country offered by indigenous Australians already occurs.

Where reference is made to my Office, or to representatives of my Office within the Australian Crown, The Constitution and the Laws of Australia, may that henceforth be read as by the agreement of the Treaty of Sovereignty of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

As I mentioned previously, I am not a magician. I have invited respected elders to The Palace, but have as yet to be asked the correct question. Indeed, too much prompting for the right question on my part would be negligent to my duties.

I sent my grandson to Redfern last year, but he was perhaps overly discreet in his questions.

To meet my requirements to hand across Sovereignty, it needs to be handed to an appropriate entity, and it needs to come from the right question being asked.

I have taken this unusual step of making this announcement, since I'm getting on in years, and would like to see this matter through to its logical conclusion.

In expectation, I appreciate your support to remedy these matters, since it is a matter for all of the Australian people.

There will be costs involved, in deleting the word "Royal" from Australia's Armed Services, so may I suggest some aboriginal artists be employed to make such signage more recognisably Australian.

I trust that this meets with your interest

with the humble blessing of Almighty God

your Sovereign, the Queen of Australia

Elizabeth W.

Buckingham Palace

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