Stop coal seam gas mining action: Sydney 18 August 201

There was a dramatic unfurling of a giant "Enough Is Enough: Stop Coal & Gas Expansion" banner by two activists who abseiled down the front of the hotel where mining company executives were meeting to plan the wholesale exploitation of NSW even at the cost of communities and the environment. This was the highlight the protest organised by Lock The Gate, an alliance of urban and rural groups opposing coal seam gas mining.
Text, video and picture by Peter Boyle



Alot of industry has invested heavily in traditional coal & gas, however recently alot of renewable energy projects have also been established in Australia. Its good to have a biodiverse range of energy technologies but we should have a capped limit for their is no rush to over do things with too much energy being produced, we do not need to have too much energy being produced in this world, a balance should be achieved, a balanced biodiverse range of energy producing technologies.

Listed below in order are the energy technologies which are most prevelant in the world, of cause their are even others as well.

[1] Biomass
[2] fossil fuel
[3] Hydroelectricity
[4] Biofuel
[5] Geothermal energy
[6] Solar energy
[7] Wind power
[8] Tidal power
[9] Wave power
[10] Hydrogen fuel
[11] Nuclear fission
[12] Nuclear fusion

12 the magic number !!!

[13] Algae Power

13 the unlucky number !!!