HOMELESS FOLK. Homeless folk who are forever among us and public housing waiting lists are vastly different. We need Homeless Friendly cities and towns. Justice for ALL.

Homeless people are among us, and often many turn a blind eye.

Homeless folk who live on the streets and in our parks are different in context to homelessness and waiting lists for public housing.

Unfortunately our governments do not take seriously enough the funding required to ensure adequate accommodation and adequate public housing.

Please go to this link, and please read the letter to the editor and please leave your considered reply in the subsequent comment box. By so doing you will be helping a wider campaign in WA to secure promised interim accommodation for homeless folk in Perth during the CHOGM week which in my experience I know can become semi-permanent accommodation and/or housing.


If you read the letter, and even more so if you left a considered reply in the subsequent comment boxes, I personally thank you, and very much so.

Gerry Georgatos
The Human Rights Alliance


Yep, homeless friendly cities sounds good to me. Why not do our best for people? Tom

This so-called “Homelessness” is one of the “Biggest” and “Best” Rorts in the Country !! "Generating" a, "Massive Financial Turnover" !! Anyone in this Country that doesn't own a house, can "legally be declared" or "stated" to be “Homeless” !

“Homeless Friendly Cities” ?

In the inner City Brisbane there is over Fifty ( 50 ) venues including mobile food vans, that supply nourishing food including hot meals, barbecues, sandwiches and hot drinks to anyone that present themselves. These people are then classed as the “ homeless” And become “clients”. Thus creating a “Circle of Dependency” The suppliers of the food ( also clothes ) receive government and private funding ( donations ) As with St. Vinnies and the Salvoes. Volunteers do most of the work. Many times over years I have placed myself in the position of being “homeless”by staying and sleeping at friends or relies or got a room at the nearest Boarding House. Even slept in some very comfortable “empties” to save up money, or, a “bank”. As many people do. And with “No Responsibilities” !! It's a “Good Lurk” and a “Good Life” !! Mission Australia usually supplies a van to run you back to where you are crashing, if you are “To Pissed” !!
It is especially “Beneficial”, “Advantageous” or just plain “Good” if you happen to be Aboriginal, like me. Despite the fact that, by today's “Victim Industry” criteria, Aboriginal Peoples have been “Homeless” with our “Traditional lifestyles” for “Many Thousands of Years” !! And have “Thrived” !!So we get to have our own “Indigenous Specific” hostels and Housing Co-ops !! And if we choose to sleep in and around the City, we get supplied with food, blankets, clothing and even medication !! And transport ! So, you don't really have to go anywhere or do anything !! Just stay “Pissed and Stoned” !! And if anyone asks, just keep saying the “Magic Word”, “Homeless” !! People will “Love You". !! They get a chance to “Feel Good” with “Our Help”. Some of these people are, “Moral Postures” and call it “Reconciliation”!! And they are that “Grateful” they will “Do anything For You” !! Even “Give you Money” !! I have “experienced and observed” this situation “Many Many Times” over “Many Years” and in “Many Cities” Both as a “Client” and as a “Counsellor”.

As for “Justice for All” ?

“I am focusing on establishing a political movement, The Human Rights Alliance prioritising ecological economics, social justice for all.” Gerry Georgatos.

Gerry, we have “Heard All This Stuff Before”. And “Many Many Times”
From the APG or “Aboriginal Provisional Government” to the WGAR the “Working Group for Aboriginal Rights”. Maurie Ryan and the “First Nations Political Party”. We've got the “Prescribed Areas Peoples Alliance” the “Stop the Intervention” mob etc.etc.etc.blah, blah, blah !! Including thousands of individuals that are said to be “Aboriginal Activists” Many are, “Professional Agitators” All reckon that “They know what's best for us” And “Only Them” !! All seeking to “Force” and to “Impose” their “Personal” and “Mainly Misguided Agendas”and “Grand Plans”on the rest of us Black-fellas to, “Solve our Problems”.

Homeless Rally - Rally for Justice for our Homeless THIS THURSDAY, JUNE 2, MIDDAY AT STATE PARLIAMENT, WEST PERTH, WA...


Gerry will be the MC with three speakers who have lived, and do live, the streets, with a pollie, the leader of the opposition, with a CHOGM Action campaigner and an open mike session. Let us support the homeless in seeking accommodation, homeless friendly cities, in being treated with respect during CHOGM, in all the things Gerry has described.

I wish could but I will in spirit.

I only heard of this rally on these comments of this article. So thank you so much!!

I am taking time off work and just like everybody else that can, i will be there!!

Homeless Rally - Rally for Justice for our Homeless THIS THURSDAY, JUNE 2, MIDDAY AT STATE PARLIAMENT, WEST PERTH, WA

I hope we all do our best to publicly support this rally, print off flyers, tell our friends, post on facebook, do everything we can to get everybody/anybody we can there on June 2nd!!!!!!!!!!

Don't be ashamed to have a heart.