Solidarity actions called around Australia to support the Egyptian revolution

Protest actions have been called around Australia and the world to show support for the Egyptian Revolution. Actions occurred on the weekend of 29th-30th of January in Melbourne - reports 1, 2, Youtube video ; Sydney report, Youtube video. Actions also occurred in many cities around the world. Protests have again happened around Australia on the 4th February in Brisbane and Melbourne and on the 5th in Sydney

Upcoming actions included Friday 11th in Brisbane and Saturday 12th in Adelaide.
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worldwide protests

It would be great if anyone who attends any of the upcoming events could post an account to Australian Indymedia after the event.
Image in article by Nicholas Brennan

Upcoming Solidarity Actions

Friday, February 11 · 5:00pm - 7:00pm
Brisbane Square
top of Queen St mall (outside Casino)
Brisbane, Australia

Rally: Saturday February 12, 11am
Parliament House

The following call to action was published by the Group Direct Action via Facebook

Why you should join the protests:
The people of Egypt are fighting for a new society. They are saying no more to dictatorship; no more to poverty. They are standing strong in the face of repression. In the past week over 150 peaceful protesters have been killed by the police and over 4000 injured. Yet the people continue to stand defiant. When Mubarak sent in fighter jets to scare people by flying low over the main centre of protest in Cairo, the tens of thousands of people in Liberation Square did not even flinch.

The people of Egypt will not go back to the days of fear. They will stand and fight until they win their demand: an end to the Mubarak regime. The Mubarak regime has been a crucial ally for the US and apartheid Israel. It has been the second greatest recipient of US military aid - to the tune of $1.5 billion a year (second only to Israel).

The victory of the Egyptian people will be a victory against US imperialism - a victory against wars and occupations; a victory against the brutal repression of the Palestinian people; a victory against the poverty inflicted upon the majority of the world’s population; a victory against the unending quest for profits that is destroying the very planet we live on.

The people of Egypt are fighting for us. Their struggle is our struggle and their victory will affect us all. We must do our part to help bring that victory closer.

The solidarity being shown around the world reminds the people on the streets of Egypt that they are not alone - that the people of the world are with them. Our protests will pressure the Australian government to withdraw their support for the dictatorship and allow the people of Egypt to decide their own future.

Join the protest. Share the information. Tell your friends why this struggle matters. Don’t think for a moment that what you do doesn’t matter - it is millions of acts of solidarity and political action that are making up the people’s movements that are now toppling dictatorships that once seemed untouchable. People’s power works and your solidarity matters very much.



“I would not have thought a scenario possible where we welcome military intervention but the Egyptian army is very much part of the fabric of Egyptian society. And in both 1977 and 1985 it refused direct orders to fire on Egyptian demonstrators. An oath taken by every soldier is that he will not shoot Egyptians. So at the moment the army is securing for us this space in our country where we are carrying out our peaceful, democratic, young, inclusive, open-source, grassroots revolution.
From an atmosphere piece by Ahdaf Soueif, female author of the novel The Map of Love.

Egypt be careful you are been done over by the CIA and Mossad just like Tunisia, Jordan and Syria is next.The Jewish run media is cranking you up too.There is no denying that Mubarak is backed by the US and Israel but he has not sold out totally to Israel.Israel wants to take part of Egypt partly for water from the Nile which Mubarak wont let them have,he knows how to play both sides.The US and Israel want the puppet Omar Suleiman in power and hopefully the Egyptian people are smarter than that.If you get a government that does not put up with Israels crap and they start cutting off the gas line to Israel and openly back Palestine with supplies and weapons you will be playing into their hands,Israel loves to play the victim and is waiting for any excuse to invade Egypt and take control of your land they have weapons even the US dont have, they will defeat you make no mistake about that.Be careful and smart Egypt you future will be decided in what you do next, I wish you every success.

Thank God we live wild and free in the lucky country of Australia and not in some despotic Middle Eastern dictatorship, eh?

Below is a link to a rather chilling example of repression of Free Speech in Australia. This should be of great concern to any who claim an interest in Civil Liberties and Personal Sovereignty. Due to the favoured and privileged status of the claimed ‘victims’ in this case do not bother holding your breath waiting for Amnesty International or Geoffrey Robertson QC to rush to assist Brendon Lee O’Connell.

There is much more to this affair than meets the eye. The charges and Court Case themselves are almost incidental. They are something of a smokescreen for far more serious misconduct and treachery among our Government, Police, Judiciary and Military. At its core are matters of Australia’s disadvantageous relationship with Israel, its military ‘security’ software contractors and our National Security.

Once one has studied the FULL details of this case it seems somewhat ironic that the Egyptians currently appear so desperate to bring the ‘great gift of Democracy’ to their own nation. It puts one in mind of the old joke about the Irish turkey and how he was ‘looking forward to Christmas’ or the adage of ‘Be careful what you wish for…’

If you go to Getup - blogs - campaign suggestions - Mubarak, you can vote for "Australian govt to call on Mubarak to step down." May as well I figure - if you like the idea please pass it on - also I thought it may be a good idea to get mainstream monitoring entities thinking about this kind of thing. I think the western media perhaps doesn't appreciate that if there is not substantial change there is going to be a hell of alot of torture and murder - a whole generation of progressives and intellectuals are going to be purged - if the regime stays - with the likes of Sulieman in charge then alot of people are going be black bagged, forced to name accomplices - it could get really awful - so the irony the west doesn't realise is that for an activist the best way to stay alive is to stay in Tahrir square.