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"earth cries" by karnage and darkness - Blak Traks 2010, North South East West by the streetwarriors.com.au, F**k this f**k that and Naturological by Futurehistrix, "You lied- the tangled web" by Yes Prime Minister

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Is your economy hopeless among the whims of foreign customers, international investors, and the snake oil salesmen of business school? Are you addicted to arms exports into any and every massacre you can spot somewhere around this ill-fated planet? Do the best and brightest of your workforce emigrate nevertheless? Do not be afraid! Kaputtradio has got the perfect solution for you: Crisis denial!

Crisis? What crisis? There never has been one. I mean, it is over now, and in a later stage we are going to conclude that it never had been there in the first place. We were in the crisis before we were through it, I mean we were through the crisis before it had never happened. Or more precisely, when we thought that we were in a crisis we did not realise what it meant, and because we still don't we can persuade ourselves not to have experienced such a thing, can't we?

The markets are not functioning properly, and the totalitarians of democracy have gone full circle deceiving themselves over the implications thereof. Facing the choice whether to believe in their own lies or not, the crisis deniers have entrapped themselves between being able to feign authenticity but unable to get a grasp on the problems, and trying to get a grasp on the problems at the expense of appearing as the fakes they are. And they are not going to get out of there before they figure out how to speak to the rest of us about the fact that they are in there. Actually, they are out there because the crisis is so bad that blaming it on someone else does not work any longer.

Crisis denial. It's all the rush in Europe!