'Grand Daddy' climate change denier Lord Monckton and aussie celebrity denier Ian Plimer are touring OZ!

sounds like a great presentation to attend!!!!!!!!

Sydney, January 26 & 27,
Newcastle, January the 28th,
Brisbane, January 29th,
Noosa, January 30th & 31st,
Melbourne, Feb. 1st & 2nd,
Canberra, Feb. 3rd,
Adelaide, Feb. 4th & 5th,
Perth, Feb. 8th

Christopher Lord Monckton Tour

Global Warming?
Why did Copenhagen Fail?
Why has global warming science failed?
Why are the alarmists wrong?
Why does the government still want to introduce
a global warming tax which could bankrupt the nation?

International commentator and former science and economic policy advisor
Christopher Lord Monckton will explain why.

Lord Monckton will be introduced by Professor Ian Plimer, leading academic and author of “Heaven and Earth”.

A meeting sponsored by the Climate Sceptics party will be held in Newcastle on Thurday 28th January 2010
at The Banquet Room, New Castle City Hall, King St., Newcastle.
Admission $2 payable at the door.

Other meetings are presently being organised around Australia. The itinerary is still to be detailed, but what has been agreed with Lord and Lady Monckton so far is:

Sydney, January 26 & 27,
Newcastle, January the 28th,
Brisbane, January 29th,
Noosa, January 30th & 31st,
Melbourne, Feb. 1st & 2nd,
Canberra, Feb. 3rd,
Adelaide, Feb. 4th & 5th,
Perth, Feb. 8th

The cost of these meetings are being underwritten by concerned individual Australians and so donations towards the cost would be immensely helpful. If you would like to help your donations should be directed to:

Westpac Bank – Lord Monckton Tour account
Bank BSB: 035612
Account: 253068



In addition, read the book. "Air Con: A seriously Inconvenient Truth About Global Warming" by Ian Wishart. Full of facts, science and the real truth behind the push for a global Carbon Trading system. I always wondered why the science I was reading about global warming caused by humans just didn't stack up. Now I know why. Also the recent leak of emails from East Anglia (Climategate) adds further weight to Ian Wishart's and Lord Monckton's assertions that we are all being conned. If you love the Australian way of life get moving and do some serious research. Keep an open mind.

Dear All,

I am heavily involved in the Lord Monckton tour of Australia 2010. We now have completed tour dates, and details, and there are a few changes to the original information kindly posted on this website a week or so ago.

Anyone interested in details on any of the tour locations can contact me via email Leah2604@gmail.com and I will email out the flyer to them for their location.

Ticket prices range from just $2 to $20 depending on hire costs of the venue. There is also a special "debate" format at the Brisbane Hilton put on by the Brisbane Institute however this will be $130 per head. It was particularly important to his supporters and to Lord Monckton himself, that prices be kept to a minimum in order for as many Australians as possible to see this wonderful speaker, on such an important matter.

Welcome to Lord Monckton to Australia. At last there is a well respected, influential and learned voice to put the case in opposition to the supposed "informed" global warming lobby.

I to am very sceptical about the methodology and concept of "Global Warming".

I am of the opinion that whatever is happening is a continuation of what has been going on for the last 10,000 years (or so), and human activity has had very little effect on the outcome.

However what I do applaud is the fact that if the current hysteria has the effect of causing us "absolute wasteful humans" to become more attuned to conserving the resources this world has to offer, then it will have achieved something.

I cannot support in any way, shape or form Rudd's proposed imposition of any form of tax to control the output of carbon. That is just another way of taxing the populace to support his decadent and wasteful spending.


Ken Gardiner.

Calling Tony Abbott's Army blessed by Archbigot Gorge Pell you don't have to be like the Lord Monk a Roman Catholic Tory who advised Thatcher but it helps...fans who are up for $130 a session to adore the darling of the Coal and Oil corporations.
On the edge of these non-events is the even more bizarre personality cult of La Rouche fanatics... see http://www.crikey.com.au/2010/02/04/moncktons-melbourne-meeting-a-gather...

reminds me of the creepy "tea parties' for Palin for Prez anti-Obama/Socialism push...

Why does indymedia give space to these folks who surely get enough coverage by Fox/Fix Corporate swill profiting Lord Murdoch of Wapping & Melbin Sun etc who is both a USA citizen and top Ozzie bloke according to the Institute of Public Affairs and other fre market apologists for Bankers, Plutocrats and capitalists who fund their disinformation campaigns...

How about some real news like the class war in North West WA where unionists are up against the largest mining corporation on this plundered planet.